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 Post subject: X-Men: Into the Fire
PostPosted: July 26th, 2016, 9:35 am 
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Written by extreme1
Betsy Braddock opened her eyes and knew she was in a lot for trouble.
She and the other X-Men had been in the middle of a battle with Sabertooth when she and Beast had been separated from the rest of the group.
In an instant they were swarmed by Hellfire Club soldiers.
Normally they would have easily handled them, but The Inner Circle was with them.
After a swift battle, Psylocke and Beast were defeated.
The last thing that she remembered was Shaw spraying a gas into her face.
Now she looked around and saw she was in a small room that had only a bed.
She knew she had to escape, but she also wanted to know exactly what was going on.
She laid in her bed and contemplated what they could possibly be up to, until her thoughts were broken by a wall opening up and Shaw walking in.
"Betsy I'm thrilled to have you as a guest." He said, with a small smile that belied his sarcasm.
Psylocke's only response was the bore holes in him with her eyes.
"I'd love to stay and...get to know you better, but I've got a lot to do, Betsy, but I wanted to let you know that you won't be able to escape this room, if you need anything ask for it, this entire room is under surveillance, if you so much as breathe I'll know about it." He stated, unnerving Betsy.
Without another word, Shaw turned and walked out, leaving Betsy to return to her thoughts.
Remy LeBeau leaned against a wall outside of Xavier's school and smoked.
The Hellfire Club had kidnapped Psylocke and beaten Beast so badly that he was on deaths door.
Everyone seemed to be in denial about what was about to happen, everyone but him and Wolverine.
The Hellfire Club had declared war on the X-Men and, given how badly Beast was attacked, it probably wasn't going to end until one side was totally gone.
He distracted himself by thinking of his relationship with Rogue.
Despite the usual cycle of arguments followed by breakups followed by makeups, Remy felt like their relationship was stronger than ever, despite it being an 'off' week.
He watched as Jubilee walked around Storm's garden, trying to deal with what happened.
It seemed like a lifetime ago that Jubilee was just some kid who was on this team that Storm had led him to.
Now she had grown into Wolverine's protege, with the skills that one would expect Wolverine's protege to have.
He also allowed himself a brief moment of amusement as he remembered her clumsy attempts at hitting on him when puberty first began to really affect her.
She had calmed down, but she still tried to peek at him when he walked around shirtless.
For a moment, Remy felt the desire to protect her from what was about to happen.
That wasn't gonna happen, so the next best thing was to protect her when it did.
Remy's thoughts were shaken as a car slammed into the front gates.
Immediately Remy and Jubilee ran out to help whoever had been in the crash.
To their surprise, Lorna Dane stumble out of the car, covered in blood, it was obvious that she (and probably X-Factor) had just been through a rather violent battle.
"Chere, what happened?" Remy asked as she put her arm around him and motioned for him to walk her into the mansion.
"The Hellfire Club, we were fighting Sabertooth and they showed up and then they swarmed me." She sputtered out before briefly passing out.
Remy felt the sense of dread overtake him, the situation was only gonna get worse.
"Petite, go tell Scott about this." He ordered.
Jubilee nodded and ran inside as fast as she could.
As he lead her inside, They crossed paths with Logan.
Remy relayed the story Lorna had told him, Logan simply nodded and began to stalk off.
"Hold things down here, I've gotta go do something." Logan said as he was leaving Remy merely nodded and went back to getting Lorna some help.
Jean Grey watched as Beast laid in the bed, held together by machines.
She had seen a lot in her life but nothing prepared her for seeing Hank McCoy on deaths door.
He always seemed to be just agile enough to escape serious danger.
As she watched him, Remy helped Polaris into the med-room, something that instantly got her attention.
"De Hellfire Club got her, same damn way they got Hank and kidnapped Betsy." Remy explained, helping her onto one of the beds.
That made Jean sick to her stomach.
It seemed to her like The Hellfire Club were now totally unleashed.
It was gonna be hard to get them back on that leash, but she was sure they could do it.
Logan sped down the road as fast as he could.
The Hellfire Club had declared war and he was determined to pay them back for what they did to Beast and Polaris.
And he knew the exact person that could help him with that payback: Domino.
Shaw acknowledged Selene's presence as he observed Betsy.
"It seems like you're quite infatuated with Miss Braddock, almost as much as you are infatuated with that little prostitute you've been spending time with." She stated with a smile.
"I've got plans for her." Was his simple response, ignoring the shot at his recent habit of purchasing time with a young prostitute named Laura.
"I'm sure you do." She said, despite her implications, she knew Psylocke would make a great soldier for the Hellfire Club.
"Selene, listen closely to me." Shaw began.
"Our new White Queen, Lorna Dane, is the reason we will be successful again the X-Men and X-Factor."
That caused Selene's eyebrows to raise, she had no idea there was a new White Queen.
It really annoyed her that Shaw was trying to make decisions unilaterally.
He knew that he'd had some contact with Lorna Dane, but that he just decided to give her the position of White Queen was troubling for Selene.
But, ultimately, she decided that it was fine...if Shaw could pick a new White Queen, Selene would pick a new White King.
And she had the perfect man in mind.
Rogue worked out with a deep intensity, after what had taken place with the Hellfire Club, Rogue felt like she had to be ready for a pretty brutal rematch.
She was locked into a fight with Sabertooth.
Despite the fact that Sabertooth was always incredibly dangerous in one on one settings, Rogue had no fear of him.
She really just wanted to fight.
So there she was, fighting Sabertooth on the highest setting.
Unbeknownst to her, she wasn't alone.
Everett Thomas was watching from the viewing deck.
The mutant known as Synch had overheard her telling Scott that she needed to train in the Danger room.
Despite his attempts at being honorable, he couldn't resist the chance to watch (and lust after) a woman as beautiful as her, so he reasoned to himself that he could learn a lot from watching her.
Rogue looked like a woman who had been totally sculpted directly out of most mens desires.
Her ass was very firm and very large, just like her breasts.
Her muscles actually complimented her femininity.
It made for an amazing package of feminine and fit.
She was very stunning, demanding the attention of men wherever she went.
Now Synch watched as Rogue and Sabertooth traded blows.
Despite being able to stand toe to toe with the Sabertooth, he had done enough damage to cause some rips and tears on her outfit.
Synch focused on a tear that revealed a small amount of her breasts.
He was almost transfixed by the sight of a small amount of cleavage.
As she brawled with the Sabertooth, Everett realized just how wound up she was.
The attack on Hank had a deep effect on everyone on the team.
After about 30 minutes, Rogue finally bested Sabertooth and the workout ended.
She took a moment to look around and then she noticed the boy watching her from the viewing deck.
She smiled up at him and waved.
Everett gave her an awkward wave back, while cursing himself for not leaving undetected.
Then she motioned for him to turn the mic on, which he did.
"So, how did I do?" She asked with a hint of amused expectation in her voice.
"You were amazing." Everett said, trying to compose himself.
"Any time you wanna train with me, just tell me." She said with a wink, deciding that a little flirting with the boy wouldn't do any harm.
Evertrett's response was to inform her that he had to go just before he turned and tried to get back to his room as fast as possible, desperately trying to hide his erection.
Selene had scouted the X-Men for quite some time and Remy LeBeau stood out to her.
There was something to him that seemed to make him perfect for the Hellfire Club.
A little digging and she found that he had been a part of the New Orleans Thieves Guild, something that only added to her interest in him.
The only question was just how she could get to him.
She thought about going the same route as how they got Psylocke, but she dismissed it, The X-Men would be on high alert about the Hellfire Club and their tactics now.
She hit on the idea of using Lorna, perhaps Lorna could lead him to Selene, where she would seduce him.
It wasn't a perfect idea, but, in case nothing else came to her, that idea would be in her back pocket.
Selene would continue to think of the perfect idea and when that idea would come to her, Remy would end up being the perfect White King.
Scott Summers felt like a failure.
It was supposed to be a routine fight with Sabertooth: struggle, bring him down and bring him in until his inevitable escape.
Despite priding himself on his preparedness, he never expected the Hellfire Club to attack.
And he never expected them to get Betsy and to almost kill Hank.
Now he was determined to stop them.
He knew Remy and Logan saw it as a war that wouldn't end until one side was totally gone, but he refused to fall into that line of thinking.
He would dismantle the Hellfire Club, but he would also do his damnedest to make sure everyone on both sides would see the end of this struggle.
His belief in Xavier's dream demanded he do everything in his power to make that outcome real.
Husk wanted to help.
She and the Gen X kids had been there visiting when everything went down.
Everyone knew the Hellfire Club was up to something big but no one knew what it was.
That was where Gen X could help, The X-Men wouldn't let them do anything but wait.
Fortunately Husk had other ideas, The Hellfire Club probably couldn't give a damn about them and that was the perfect advantage.
Under everyone's radar, they could start piecing things together and helping the X-Men with a plan to bring the Hellfire Club down.
She asked Jubilee to start hanging around Lorna and learning everything she could about the attack on the X-Factor.
The others were asked to stay on their toes, once they got the info, the investigation would really start.
Now it was all a matter of Jubilee getting on Lorna's good side.
Written by VladimirHarkonnen
Lorna Dane relished the privileges and power both that went with being the White Queen.

For too long, she, daughter of Magneto, had languished beneath her father and her brother and her sister. The part of her that resented this hoped for a future encounter with her Avengers siblings where she'd introduce them.....personally....to what she could do.

It wasn't a future to happen immediately, albeit.

For now, though, there was flexing her new abilities and what she could do with them.

She knew some of what Shaw had in mind with Betsy. She knew that Shaw was not unduly concerned if she decided to sample what Betsy offered herself. He only wished to be the first cock in the Hellfire Club within her, but there was to be a time to prepare her. Well, the time was now.

That brought them to the present, where Betsy was held against the wall, nude, chains binding her arms above her head and keeping her legs spread as Lorna leaned in, planting kisses and smears of green lip prints along Betsy's neck, using her powers likewise to tease Betsy's clit with a vibrator, hearing her moaning and begging her to stop, which of course only goaded the White Queen on.

Three times already, Betsy had been near to an orgasm when Lorna withdrew and waited until Betsy was cooled down enough to begin again. Now, on the fourth, she thrust the vibrator deep inside her with a single assertion of her will, not kissing Betsy but leaning into her with a gaze of possessive malice.

The overwhelming combination of sensations brought a shrieking orgasm from Betsy, who collapsed on the floor sobbing as Lorna tapped her helmet.

"Many are the gifts one can receive from the Hellfire Club."

As she withdrew, she laughed, enjoying the feeling of Polaris's lips upon hers and the sight of Betsy shuddering and crying, wondering what else was in store for her....
written by extreme1
Sebastian Shaw looked into Psylocke's room and took a moment to admire Lorna's work.
Before she left to stage an attack that would get her into the X-Mansion, Lorna decided to have fun with the incredibly beautiful woman.
Shaw had left them alone and then decided Betsy needed a few hours to recover from her ordeal.
Looking at her now it was clear that their encounter was quite brutal.
That was perfect for Shaw, partially because Lorna clearly wanted to establish herself as a far more intense White Queen than Emma ever was and partially because this allowed him some leeway to be more gentle with her...at least until she pledged her loyalty to the Hellfire Club at which point the time would be right to fuck her without mercy.
He had ordered some men to clean her off (but not lay one body part on her) while he was watched.
Shaw was watching a video screen, via a camera in her room, her being cleaned, when Selene strolled up to him.
"Enjoying the show?" She asked with a condescending smirk.
"I suppose you're hear to follow Lorna's lead and...enjoy Miss Braddock." Shaw responded as he watched her being hosed down.
"Do you have an objection to that?" Selene said in a voice that warned him not to start a fight over this.
"Not at all, I just wanted you to wait until she's fully clean." He said, trying to soothe her.
"I was planning on doing just that, but I might jump the gun now." She needled, trying to get at Shaw.
He wasn't sure if this was just her trying to piss him off or her being jealous of the fact that Lorna got to her first (and that Shaw was mostly splitting his time between being with Laura and training Lorna).
He was pretty sure it was a mixture of both.
They watched as Betsy was fully cleaned, at which point Shaw informed her that she was more than welcome to Betsy.
"By the way, you should know that your...girl is waiting in your room for you." She said, referring to Laura. "She arrived right before I came down here.".
That immediately caught Shaw's attention, he was sure Selene wanted to distract him so she could meet with Betsy without any oversight, but it didn't matter: It was time to have fun with his favorite teenage prostitute.

As soon as Shaw was gone, Selene marched into Psylocke's room and got her attention.
Instantly the soldiers left the room, one looking back to admire the still wet Psylocke.
The Black Queen didn't say anything to her instead she pulled her into a kiss.
Psylocke quickly got over her surprise and tried to fight her off.
Instead of suppressing Betsy's struggling, Selene moved hand in between Betsy's legs and began teasing her pussy.
"Listen to me, Betsy, I want you to know that I'm in charge." She began.
"I am the Black Queen of the Hellfire Club and, once you've joined us, I'll make sure you never forget your place on the totem pole." Her fingers lightly teased Betsy's clit.
"I'll be more than happy to welcome you to our organization...but only if you pay me my proper respect." With that she moved down and took a moment to suckle on Betsy's breasts.
She removed her mouth from Betsy's breasts and her hands from Betsy's pussy and placed her hands around the purple haired woman's neck.
"If you don't, things will be very painful for you." Betsy struggled, but she was still weak from the events of the past 24 hours, once she got her strength back she would make them all pay.
After a few more seconds of choking her, Selene removed her hands from Betsy's neck and moved them to her her face.
"We'll be seeing each other a lot, I've got plans that you can help me with, whether you want to or not." With that Selene released Betsy's face, turned around and strode out of the room, leaving a very confused and, much to her chagrin, aroused Betsy in her wake.
Jubilee walked into the med-room and went straight to Lorna Dane.
Husk had given her the task of learning whatever she could about the attack on Lorna.
And Jubilee intended to complete that task.
She walked over to the sleeping mutant and sat down.
She noticed that damn near every X-Woman was exceptionally beautiful and Lorna was no different.
Jubilee considered herself as straight as an arrow, but she couldn't deny that Lorna was very easy on the eyes.
She cleared her heads of those thoughts as Lorna's eyes opened and looked right at her.
"Can I help you?" She asked with a hint of amusement.
"I need to talk to you about what happened." Jubilee blurted out.
"Why do you need to ask about that?" Lorna responded.
"Curiosity." Jubilee lied, hoping Lorna wouldn't see through the lie.
"Listen close and I'll tell you everything." Lorna began.
"We had heard that Sabertooth was on another rampage, so we tried to stop him." She began.
"As always he was putting up a fight when it happened: The Hellfire Club attacked us." Lorna voice became more quite and solemn.
"I was face to face with Sebastian Shaw." She said, a look in her eye surprising Jubilee.
"It was like, just his stare overpowered me, I couldn't move and not because he was using any powers...next thing I know a bunch of soldiers jumped me and I found myself separated from the team." Lorna was clearly getting Jubilee's sympathy.
Sympathy aside, Lorna noticed a subtle change in Jubilee when she began describing how powerful Shaw was.
Jubilee was clearly intrigued and that intrigue was something that could be exploited and molded into a loyal Hellfire Club member.
She wanted Jubilee under her thrall as quickly as possible, but she knew that seducing Jubilee would take some time.
She was more than up for the task.
Emma Frost paced around her room, the normally stoic woman was more nervous than she had ever been before.
After recent events, she felt like she had to protect her students with every available resource.
She had no doubt she was in Shaw's targets and she didn't want Gen X to be collateral damage.
She left her room, determined to find Scott and convince him to keep her students away from the battlefield.
Once Sabertooth was neutralized and the Inner Circle had been handed a few losses, she'd let them get involved in the fight against the Hellfire Club.
But it was far too early, she knew they were anxious to help out, but she also knew they didn't understand the threat of the Hellfire Club.
Emma was going to keep them safe, no matter what the cost.
Remy LeBeau sat on the roof of the mansion and watched the sun fall.
It hadn't been 24 hours since the first attack and already there was a second victim in the med-room.
Now Logan was off to god knows where to find Domino, Jubilee was now trying to befriend Lorna (a noble endeavor) and all but a few where in denial about the nature of what was going on.
"Figured you'd be in your favorite brooding spot." Rogue said as her voice broke his thoughts.
"Seems like all hell is breaking loose." He said as he turned his attention to her.
"That it does." Rogue said as she sat next to him, for a few minutes they just soaked in the others presence, despite their relationships rocky nature, they deeply cared for one another.
But this silence had an underlying cause:Neither truly wanted to speak about the events of the day.
Remy decided to talk about something entirely different.
"Gotta hand it to you, girl, you got Synch wrapped around your finger." He said with a chuckle.
"Boys got it bad for me, but he's a little young for me." She said, a small smile on her face, grateful to have a distraction from the chaos.
"Besides, you ain't exactly unpopular with any of his female schoolmates." Rogue joked.
For the next hour the pair joked and chatted about stuff, avoiding both the attacks and the status of their relationship.
By the end, Rogue's decision to end things with him was pretty much forgotten.
"Come here." Remy said, pulling her close to him, they cuddled and watched the stars for a little while, neither realizing that Remy was now in the crosshairs of a very powerful woman who wanted him come hell or high water.
Written by VladimirHarkonnen
Lorna smiled at Jubilee. Since that initial talk, the two of them had gotten....closer...in all kinds of ways. One thing that Lorna had done quietly and just imperceptibly enough that the Hellfire Club's other Kings and Queens, stuck in their internal intrigues might not notice immediately, was both increase the amount of metal in the uniforms of Hellfire Club adepts, but also those who were believed to be potential recruits. She had exploited this to keep Jubilee closer to her and when flirting with her with a raw and possessive sense to have Jubilee's knees weaken even if they didn't quite do so voluntarily, something she would exploit by placing a hand between Jubilee's legs and then stroking her lips with a whispered, "Naughty."

A week had passed since she'd first talked to Jubilee. The seduction was progressing most easily, complete with having at one point gotten Jubilee topless and the two making out, her hands dancing along her slit right until she pulled away and Jubilee sagged, disappointed and whining and playing right into her hands. She laughed. It wouldn't be long now and she'd have Jubilee as her's and the Hellfire Club's. And in that order, too.
written by extreme1
Shaw looked at the lingerie clad girl and admired how beautiful and vulnerable she was.
Her slim, youthful body looked amazing in a small and transparent nightgown that couldn't even cover her pert ass.
He studied her face, a beautiful face that was made all the better with her green eyes.
Despite having the look of an innocent teenager, but it was very obvious to him that she had been through a lot and was totally wise to the ways of the world and her abilities as a woman.
From the first moment they had met, she made it clear that she was willing to whore herself out to anyone that would pay, no fear and no inhibitions.
If he cared, he would be sure that part of it was an act and that she truly hated her life and that she wanted out, but he really didn't care, all he cared about was what a great fuck she was.
Without any greeting he bent her over and began sodomizing her, his favorite thing to do with her.
Shaw felt his dick slowly ease inside of her, but that was the extent of his gentleness.
"Mine...all mine." He said as he grabbed her hips and began to really pound into her tight ass.
"No matter how many men you whore yourself out to, I own you, Soon you'll be with me forever." Those words scared Laura, mainly because she wasn't sure if he was saying something he thought would help the mood, if he was convinced it was true or, most frightening of all, if it was true.
He pumped in and out of her, but something odd was happening: Shaw felt like he was already on the verge of cumming.
He spent hours dominating her like he had never done before every little movement from him was meant to claim ownership of her.
For him this encounter was a celebration of the completed first phase of the Hellfire clubs plans.
Eventually, he decided to wind things down by face fucking her.
He was glad that, for some reason, Laura never seemed to have any scars after on her body their dealings.
She also had no gag reflex.
He thrust down her throat repeatedly, only briefly loosing his focus to taunt her.
"Bet you wish you had never met me." He sneered as she merely gave him a lustful look in response.
Shaw fucked her mouth even harder, taking her look as a challenge.
After a while, Shaw felt himself get ready to cum and this time he wasn't gonna stop it.
Shaw made one last thrust and felt himself unload down her throat.
Shaw savored the feeling of cumming and the sounds of her swallowing his cum.
After a few more spurts, Shaw pulled his dick out of Laura's very full mouth.
He watched as she finished drinking his sperm and coming down from their encounter.
ordered her to get cleaned up and leave, the girl saying nothing in response, opting instead to simply do as she was told.
Shaw watched as she left and smiled, he wanted her to be by his side forever and he would pay whatever price he needed to.
Husk felt exhausted. Ever since she gave the order for Gen X to start planning against the Hellfire Club, it seemed like she was working nonstop on researching them.
She had been asking any X-Man that got near her what they knew about the Hellfire Club.
Luckily for her, people seemed more than happy to tell her, at length, everything they thought about the Hellfire Club.
One thing that Husk already knew was that they were incredibly dangerous, Emma had told very few stories about them, but the ones she did tell painted the Hellfire Club as a place of great evil.
That being said, she had no idea the depths they were willing to sink to in order to obtain power.
She also had to admit, bringing them down would solidify her as a future leader of the X-Men.
She quickly dismissed thoughts of X-Men fame and glory she had to focus completely on the Hellfire Club.
Where there's a will, there's a way. She thought as she began putting the pieces together, all Gen X needed was one weak link and the Hellfire Club would finally be defeated.
Wolverine looked around the bar and quickly found Domino.
Logan had put the word out that he was looking for Domino, so he figured it would take a few days of waiting at this particular bar (one of Domino's favorites) for her to appear.
He walked over to the bar where she was sitting, sat down and ordered a drink for himself.
"Heard you wanted to see me." She flatly said, no greeting between them.
"I'm going underground for a while and I need some backup." Logan's statement raised her eyebrows.
"Just you, no X-Force." He quickly clarified.
"So why just me?" She asked, as she took a sip of her beer.
"Cause I pretty sure X-Force is next on the Hellfire Clubs hit list." He answered.
"Also because too many people will make us easier to track, Cable needs to lead his team and the others aren't as good as you." Logan finished.
Domino realized that he was probably right, she immediately stood up and went to phone the other members of X-Force...but Logan stopped her.
"They're gonna hit X-Force harder than most, make sure they know that The Hellfire Club is coming for war." He stated before letting Domino go and make that call.
Logan would hope that X-Force could hold the Hellfire Club off and minimize damage.
Even if that would happen, the Hellfire Club would respond to a defeat by throwing more money around and hiring more monsters like Sabertooth.
He sat and waited for Domino to finish her call, things were already pretty out of control and he and Domino had to make sure it wouldn't get any worse.
In the week since the initial attack, things had only gotten more tense.
X-Factor had arrived, and took refuge in the mansion.
People immediately noted that Polaris seemed to really distance herself from her teammates.
But most people chalked it up to her working on her budding friendship with Jubilee.
The attack on X-Force was a violent and bloody one that left Rictor (and several Hellfire Club soldiers) injured.
In the aftermath, Cable wanted Shaw dead, no matter what it took.
His team may have crippled by the losses of both Rictor and Domino, but that only fueled his rage.
Shaw was gonna pay come hell or high water.
The Hellfire Club's first wave of attacks had been a success now Shaw wanted to focus on converting Betsy to the Hellfire Club, while Selene formulated the perfect plan to bring Gambit in as the White King.
Polaris was now totally undercover with the X-Men, he'd had no contact with her (nor would he), but he was sure his faith in her wasn't misplaced.
He'd walked into a small room where Tessa was pleasuring Sabertooth.
"Not bad at all, Shaw." Sabertooth growled out as Tessa gave him one of her incredible blow jobs.
"She's my right hand woman, Sabertooth, show her some respect." Shaw said getting a laugh in response.
"The Runt's gone underground and he took Domino with him." Sabertooth said.
"Then I'll need someone to track them down and deal with them." Came the response.
"I'm more than happy to do that." Sabertooth said, as he came down Tessa's throat.
"Good, cause I don't want them creating unneeded problems, They've already caused one by pulling you away from our current plans so deal with them quickly because I don't want them to stall you." Shaw finished as he left the room and went into the main hall....where Mystique was waiting for him.
In the ensuing week, Gen X had done a lot of research on the Hellfire Club.
The biggest thing they learned from Emma was about a small bar that the soldiers seemed to frequent.
That gave Husk the perfect chance to do a little more information gathering.
If she could get into that bar, she could get one of the soldiers drunk and the team could kidnap them and get some info.
No, not her, Husk realized that there was someone perfect to appear interested in the Hellfire Club.
The moment Husk thought of that name, she took off to tell everyone the plan.
Got em right where I want em, we're had was about to grab one of the Hellfire Club's pawns and put them into checkmate. She thought as she walked over to Jubilees room.
Things were going Gen X's way.
"Raven, it's a pleasure to see you." Shaw greeted, getting little from her in response.
"Not sure if the feelings mutual." Mystique responded.
Shaw let out a small laugh.
"I think, by the end of our dealings, you'll warm up to us." Shaw declared with enough arrogance to make her doubt that statement.
"So, what exactly am I supposed to do?" She asked.
"First thing, I need you to distract X-Force, I'll send some soldiers with you, make sure X-Force can't actually do too much damage because I've got other plans for you, this distraction will be a temporary stopgap to buy some time." He stated, his demeanor turning no-nonsense.
"Fine, but if push comes to shove, I will bury each and every one of them." She responded.
"I'd have no objections to that." Shaw said.
"Before you go, would you like to join myself and Selene for some dinner?" He asked, trying to charm her.
Raven would have normally rolled her eyes and took off for her mission, but she decided that it wouldn't hurt enjoying some of the Hellfire Club's food.
Havok was getting pissed off.
Polaris had barely said two words to him since X-Factor came to the mansion.
She was also avoiding the rest of X-Factor.
Instead she opted to spend most of her time around Jubilee.
The rest of the team urged him to let her heal in her own way, but Havok felt like she should have turned to him.
Truth be told, she had been acting weird for months before the attack.
It had been six months since she went on a vacation that seemed to cause a change in her.
She had begun distancing herself from him as soon as she got back.
At first he blew it off as her just being swamped with work.
But then, once her work settled down, she still remained somewhat separated from him and the team.
Often times she would disappear for the night, giving weak excuses about visiting some friends.
Alex eventually became convinced that she was cheating on him.
But that explanation didn't work given that, on multiple occasions, she had come in to X-Factors headquarters with some bruises and a few black eyes.
He had tried everything to figure out what fight she was involved with, but it was like her life was divided by a wall now.
A few weeks before the attack, things got a little better.
She became to explain that she had a few friends that were in trouble and needed her help.
After he offered X-Factors help, she told Alex that this was deeply personal for her and she needed to do it alone.
Despite Alex agreeing to give her room, he still wanted to make sure that she wasn't in over her head.
So he hired a Private Investigator to follow her around.
The guy seemed to find little, other than Polaris was good at covering her tracks.
At least until 48 hours before the attack, the PI told him that he might have stumbled onto something huge, but he was reluctant to say what, at least until he knew anything more concrete.
All he did was hint that Polaris was dealing with some very dangerous people.
Then all hell broke loose and, in the aftermath, he was unable to get into contact with the PI.
He was sure the attacks, Lorna's distance and The PI's disappearance were related, he just had to connect the dots.
Jubilee felt like she was on the edge of her seat. At first she and Polaris seemed to become friends, but then, after a few days, their relationship took a much different turn.
Something in Jubilee had been awakened and she found herself constantly thinking about Polaris.
Mainly because she and Polaris found themselves in more than a few situations were they almost kissed.
It seemed like fate was pushing them together.
The first time they kissed was a surprise to both of them.
Polaris had been telling her about her first time, over the course of the story, Lorna's voice got more and more quite, until it was barely above a whisper, and Jubilee had to lean in to hear it.
Towards the end, Polaris moved her head at just the right angle to kiss her.
The pair melted into the kiss for a few seconds, until Lorna pulled away with a horrified look on her face.
Polaris immediately apologized, but Jubilee felt like she had just experienced Heaven.
After that, she begged Lorna for more.
For a half day, she pleaded with Lorna to kiss her again.
Lorna eventually relented and kissed Jubilee for a second time.
After that, it was like Lorna had begun training her.
Every encounter, Lorna would push things a little bit further, but would also tease Jubilee until she was begging Lorna for more.
Last time, Lorna had almost fingered her, it was amazing.
She couldn't wait for whatever Lorna had planned next.
Psylocke was still sure there was a way out of the Hellfire Club.
While hope had dimmed somewhat after her encounter with Polaris, she still wasn't ready to give up that hope.
What made holding on to that hope harder, was Shaw and, to a lesser extent, Selene.
Their repeated molestation of her really began to wear on the ninja.
Despite their actions being unwanted, she had to admit that they were far more gentle with her than Lorna Dane was.
During his attempts at convincing her to give in Shaw's lust for her often would quickly overtake him and she found his hands all over her.
Selene was mostly all about establishing herself as the most important woman in the Hellfire Club.
Selene seemed to be rather scared of Lorna Dane and her growing power, even if she pretended otherwise.
She would often preach to Psylocke about how powerful she was and how important it was to treat her like a goddess.
For the most part, Selene's words went in one ear and out the other.
Except for the few times Selene would mention some plan to get at one of the X-Men.
Apparently Selene had designs on someone that she wanted as a new White King.
That got Betsy's interest.
She knew that whoever it was now had a huge target painted on their back.
She quickly realized that if she appeared to give in she could gain Selene's trust, tell her everything she wanted to hear and convince her that she could be a safeguard against Polaris, soon after that she would obviously give up that name.
Psylocke was forming a plan...and she had to see it through.
"Let me ask you a question, Raven." Shaw began as they ate their meals.
"How far are you willing to go?" He asked just before he took a bite of his steak.
"Not every X-Man is going to hold back and Wolverine and Domino will certainly take more than a few of our soldiers lives, if we asked you to make sure there were no survivors would you be able to complete that task?" The casual way Selene asked that question told her that there was a good chance that she would be asked to do exactly that at some point.
"I'm willing to do that." She stated, without hesitation.
"Even if one of those people were your daughter?" Shaw asked, Raven decided to be truthful with them.
"I'm willing to go incredibly far, but I want you to know that I will not take the life of my daughter or my son." Mystique firmly stated.
"That's fine with us, but we might have other plans for her." Selene responded.
"As long as she's alive, I don't care what your plans." Was Mystique's only response, although she noticed they said nothing about Kurt.
"I think our partnership is going to be a great benefit for both sides." Selene declared with a smile.
Raven wasn't so sure, for her it was just another job, but she was smart enough to play along.
"Then maybe we should toast to it." She stated, raising her glass.
The Black King and Queen joined her in her toast and continued to plan for the future.
The sound of the basketball repeatedly hitting the net filled the night air.
Remy shot yet another perfect shot while Rogue watched and made amused comments.
It felt good to both of them to be reunited.
In truth things were going smoother than ever before.
"Seems like Ah'm in your head." Rogue declared as Remy sank another ball.
"You wish." Was Remy's only response.
Another perfectly shot ball.
"Lemme ask you something, Chere, Do you think the Hellfire Club is gonna keep dis up for much longer?" That question caught Rogue off guard.
"Can't see how they can keep up this momentum, but Ah'm sure they'll try like hell." She answered.
"Why do you think dey grabbed Psylocke?" He asked, it was obvious he was trying to get at something.
"Probably information, maybe even an attempt at brainwashing." She answered.
"Kinda shocked they didn't grab anyone from X-Factor or X-Force." She continued.
"Wouldn't shock me if dey already got someone from X-Force or X-Factor, one bad day could lead anyone down de wrong path." He said with a head shake.
"Lord knows we've both lived that and neither one of us has an intention to go back down that kind of road." Rogue said.
Remy gave a silent head nod.
Remy didn't say it, but he was sure the Hellfire Club wouldn't have struck at all the different teams unless they had a person on the inside.
He had a few suspicions, but he also pretty sure they'd probably be smoked out by Jean rather quickly.
Remy shot one last basket and watched it sink in.
"Time for me to turn in, Swamp Rat." Rogue declared with a theatrical yawn.
"Yeah, I'm gonna get some sleep as well." Remy said as he followed her inside.
"Maybe I can escort you to your room." Remy said with a smile.
"Not tonight, Remy, but maybe soon if you play your cards right." She said before she turned and walked to her room.
Remy smiled as he watched her leave, he truly loved that woman.
Cyclops watched as his wife slept.
She had left Beast's side only a few times.
The attack on Hank been so savage that it didn't take someone of his immense intellect to get the message.
The Hellfire Club wants to end the X-men once and for all.
Scott wanted revenge, but he knew the kind of revenge he wanted would only feed into a cycle of war.
Cut one down and five more rise up. He thought with a soft sigh.
It was more of a conundrum than most of the team wanted to admit.
The nagging feeling that the Hellfire Club was taking a 'kill or die' approach was what truly concerned him, if they felt like wiping he other side out was inevitable that was going to leave the X-Men in a position none of them wanted to be in.
It's not inevitable. He thought as he laid back, shut his eyes and dreamed of a better life for all of The X-men.
Selene decided that the best way to get to Gambit was a slow seduction.
She was sure that that if she had a nice middleman, she could establish a connection with him, but, with Lorna infiltrating the team on her own, that led her to realize having her own spy would be an immense gamble, one screw up from Lorna and everything would go to shit, and she wasn't sure it was a gamble she wanted to make.
She was also sure that Lorna wouldn't be happy to be doing work for Selene, so establishing contact via Lorna was out of the question.
There had to be other ways to get to him.
She let out a sigh as she realized that she would have to establish connection with him herself.
She would have to take matters into her own hands.
It was time to round some soldiers up and pay the X-Men a little visit.
She was going to introduce herself to Remy LeBeau.
"It's amazing the stuff you've been through." Lorna proclaimed as she brushed Jubilee's hair.
"Not as much as you." the deeply in love girl cooed.
"True, but you're still a hell of a fighter." Lorna complimented.
"I just wish Sean and Emma could see that." She admitted.
Jubilee had tried to understand why Husk was the leader of Gen X, despite Jubilee having far more experience, but Lorna had stoked the small resentments she had towards her teachers treatment of her into something much bigger.
She had kept Jubilee on the edge ever since the first kiss, letting things grow but never actually sealing the deal with her, but now she was entering the final lap of her seduction.
She still kept her membership in the Hellfire club a secret, but soon Jubilee would know everything.
Hank was slowly recovering from the attack. He had regained consciousness and, luckily, didn't appear to be suffering any kind of brain damage.
Immediately, he was bombarded with concern from various people.
It overwhelmed him, in a good way.
He had to admit that it was nice to have a few moments to himself, so he could reflect.
We knew going into this that the path to peace would cost more than a few of us our lives It was a simple reality for the X-Men, but one that they still had trouble dealing with.
His thought train ended as someone knocked on his door.
Hank let the person know they were allowed into his room and he smiled as Storm walked in.
The incredibly beautiful African woman was clearly trying to hide her distress at the current situation.
"Greetings Ororo." Hank warmly greeted as she lightly hugged him.
"Hank, how are you feeling?" She asked, immediately realizing there was no good answer to that question.
"I've been better." He joked, although she could see right through his humor.
"Hank, how are you feeling." Storm repeated, more forcefully this time.
"I'm still processing everything." He sadly answered.
"I can't even imagine." Storm responded.
"I'd hope you could never imagine." Hank said, sounding more curt than intended.
"I'm sorry, Ororo, that was uncalled for." He said after a moment of silence.
"It's ok, Hank, we've been through a lot, but none more than you." She reassured.
"We're all in this together, Ororo." He responded.
His decision to spout a generic platitude quickly told Ororo that he didn't want to delve too deeply into what happened.
Instead he and Ororo made small talk for her visit.
The fact that a close friend was so scarred by the experience that he couldn't even confide in her made Ororo even more determined to stop the Hellfire Club once and for all.
Once he fell asleep, she left the room and decided that it would soon be time for a team meeting, they were gonna figure out how to put the Hellfire Club on the ropes.
"Well, Ms. Braddock, you're certainly in a good mood today." Shaw proclaimed as he lightly rubbed her pussy.
"I guess I've just become more receptive to your pitches." She said with a smile.
Shaw was pretty sure she was lying and that she was up to something, but there was no need to look a gift horse in the mouth.
He put the thought of her having plans of her own out of his mind as he continued to rub her pussy and occasionally grope her breasts.
Suddenly, Shaw lifted the chained woman onto his shoulders and then began to eat her out.
Betsy inhaled a sharp breath as he licked her pussy for the first time.
She closed her eyes and exhaled, waiting to see what he would do next.
"Jesus." She whispered as she felt his tongue snake inside of her.
For the next 10 minutes Shaw furiously ravished her pussy.
Betsy felt like she was going through a religious experience.
She could couldn't speak.
Instead the only language she seemed to be able to use was moans and gasps.
Betsy came harder than she had ever cum before.
Shaw gave her a few moments to recover.
"The Hellfire club has much to offer you Betsy, but we can't wait forever." He said before he made his exit, leaving behind a Psylocke who was now doubting her own plan.
"It's time." Mystique hollered as she began to attack X-Force (more specifically, Cable).
Immediately a very large number of troops flooded out of the portal and joined in on the attack.
"Show them no mercy." Cable declared as he shot and killed a solider.
Mystique merely smiled and attacked Cable with a barrage of bullets.
"We'll do the same." She responded as he fired back.
Both sides knew a bloodbath was about to occur.
And they welcomed it.
After all both leaders of their respective sides thrived in the type of battle that put their lives on the line.
After a few more shots traded, Mystique decided it was time to get psychical.
She rushed towards Cable, dodging a few attempts to shoot her, and delivered a kick directly to his knee.
Cable crumpled for a moment, before he threw a kick of his own at Mystique.
Unfortunately, she dodged the kick and kneed him right in the head.
"Gotta say, I thought you were gonna be a hell of a lot tougher." Mystique taunted.
Cable responded by simply firing a shot at her that she rather easily dodged, he knew that she would, but he wanted to back her off just enough to let him regroup.
Once he did, she would be in a hell of a lot of trouble.
Elsewhere the battle raged on and one person in particular was surprising even his teammates with his fury.
Shatterstar had been raised to be a gladiator, so violence was second nature to him.
But, in the wake of the Hellfire Club's injuring of Rictor, Shatterstar really camped the violence up.
He seemed intent on killing any Hellfire Club soldier that was within his reach.
In his minds eye all he could see was Rictor, broken and bloody, barely alive.
This images pushed him further and further.
He danced around killing soldier after soldier with his swords.
"No survivors." He proclaimed as he killed yet another solider.
Around him the others struggled with the rather large numbers of enemies, for the most part everyone was focused 100 percent on whoever they were fighting.
Unfortunately for Boom Boom, that would prove to be her downfall.
No one noticed that Shaw had emerged from the portal and was sneaking his way over to Tabitha.
Sure enough, he was able to sneak behind her and grab her, the soldiers Immediately surrounding them.
Normally Tabitha would be able to fight him off, but a small rag was placed over her face and Tabitha was soon subdued.
"You're needed at the Hellfire Club." He said to the prone body as he dragged her away.
Immediately the Soldiers began to pull back and form an impenetrable (thanks to sheer numbers) human shield around Shaw and Tabitha.
"We'll meet again, Cable." Mystique said as she saw what was going on around her.
She turned and followed the others.
However, just before she reached the portal, she felt a rather odd feeling through her stomach, she looked down to see the two blades of Shatterstar's sword sticking out of her.
Immediately, one of the Soldiers grabbed her and pulled her through the portal, which closed right behind her.
"They took Tabitha, we gotta get her back and quick!" Cannonball proclaimed, anger rising in his voice.
"We will, not that Raven thinks she can beat me, she and the rest of the Hellfire Club are gonna get over confident, and then we'll get payback and save Tabitha." Cable said next time, if Raven survived (which he had no doubt she would) he'd finish the job Shatterstar started.
"And I need to get my sword back." Shatterstar mumbled as he went back to check up on Rictor.
Soon the Inner Circle would truly feel his wrath.

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Rogue relished these rare moments where she was the only one in the mansion.
The rest of the team were just hanging outside and playing baseball and she had managed to avoid anyone who wanted to recruit her for their team.
That gave her more than enough time to blow off some steam in her favorite way: masturbation.
Her powers hadn't really given her a ton of options when it came to sexual release and her renewed relationship with Remy had really wound her up.
Now she was about to really unwind that tension.
She quickly slipped out of her clothes and decided that today her hand would be the best way to get the job done.
She laid down on her bed and began to rub her pussy while imagining all the fun she would have with Gambit once she could control her powers.
She imagined a passionate love making session after a wonderfully romantic date.
And him wildly fucking her in the showers after a danger room workout.
She wanted to feel his body pin hers against the wall as the water poured down on them.
She was bent over her bed while Remy roughly plowed into her, not a care in the word for either of them.
Her mind was racing a mile a minute now with fantasies as she rubbed her pussy faster and faster.
Each stroke bringing orgasm closer.
Her other hand took one of her huge breasts and began to play with it, capturing the nipple in between her fingers and lightly pulling on it.
She imagined that it was Remy's hand on her breast.
And that he was the one stroking her pussy.
That last thought was enough to push her over the edge.
Rogue moved a pillow over her mouth as she let out a scream that signified her orgasm.
After a few minutes of coming down from her orgasm, She heard Storm over the PA system tell everyone that they had 30 minutes before it was time for a team meeting regarding the Hellfire Club.
Rogue quickly got dressed and ran over to a shower to make sure she didn't look weird to the others during the meeting.

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The meeting was one where the team not only designed a strategy that in theory could work but discussed the meaning of the changes in Polaris. Usually weaker than her father Polaris had seemed to grow in strength and power to a point that at minimum she could give the old man a fair fight. This was a change of no little significance as it meant that if she did end up going against them with the Club, on top of Shaw and Selene and their familiar foes they'd face an unstable powerhouse whose powers had greatly grown.

Aside from this the strategy was familiar and boring enough that Rogue decided, when the meeting reached a lull point to step out and to enjoy looking around outside. It truly was a beautiful day. Stretching, she missed the appearance of several dozen heavily armed goons of the Friends of Humanity, and was too slow to react to one of them slipping a power nullification collar around her. The first sign that they'd succeeded was when in response to a hand slipping inside her clothes to grope her braless tit she not only was unable to muster the easy strength to toss the person aside but was made to accept them groping her tit.

Realizing to her humiliation that she was going to face one of her darker fantasies that she'd only seldom indulged, she was then gagged and quietly carted off to the side, just in time for the surprising arrival of the Hellfire Club via a portal made by one of their newer recruits, Amanda Voight.

As Polaris hovered above the club, crackling with electromagnetic energy, her eyes began to glow and the team suddenly scrambled, not knowing where Rogue was, the Friends of Humanity quietly remaining out of sight as both teams prepared to square off.

Polaris grinned as the sense of power from her was palpable, saying:

"Hello, X-Men. Did you miss me?"

Gambit shouted: "Where's Rogue?"

This shout distracted the X-Men as the Hellfire Club sprang into action and Polaris began to unleash beams of repelling magnetic energy that blasted aside people callously, as Storm began to call upon lightning and thunder and to freeze the rain to use as a kind of shrapnel...

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Rogue, gagged and manhandled aggressively, found herself easily hurled into a van. She was a novice to fighting without her powers but she wasn't entirely helpless given her brief stint in the Savage Lands. But she was surrounded by many large, aggressive, well-armored, very heavily armed men with a lot more experience and this meant she was a none too light or willing package thrown into the van complete with five men surrounding her.

"I know you, mutie. Ever since your Brotherhood days. Carol Danvers was a friend of mine."

Her eyes suddenly widened in fear.

"Oh yes, 'Rogue.' You've ended up in my hands and that little sucking skin of yours can't suck a fucking thing."

He grinned and then reached down into her suit, feeling her tits.

He cooed, "So soft and big." He smirked. "You super sluts sure like showing off figures like this in skin-tight outfits. Especially you, miss touch of death."

As he ripped her outfit to shreds, he saw her exposed tits, and then grinned as he leaned down and started cupping them and massaging them. She thrashed and then as someone removed her gag, a hard cock tapped at her lips. Trying to keep them closed, she yelped when two hands twisted her nipples and then the first cock she'd ever sucked off was in her mouth.

As a virgin, mostly, with the exception of some furtive couplings with Magneto that had given her her first and only experiences of cock in her pussy, Rogue was humiliated at trying to suck off the cock and doing a poor job of it. And of the man who was groping her tits mocking the poorness of the job she was doing. Crying, red-faced, Rogue took the cock in her mouth, nearly vomiting when she was fucked to balls deep, the balls rubbing against her chin in a deliberately debasing fashion and the man fucking her face laughing.

She felt her pants torn away and her thong torn open, hearing the man's laughter at "Can't touch anyone and you wear shit like this? Fucking mutie cock-tease. It's OK, though. When we get done with you, you'll know that a real human cock trumps those tiny mutie dicks each and every which way."

She screamed around the cock in her mouth when she felt fingers starting to probe at her pussy, fingering her and slowly but assuredly moistening her with a deep sense of satisfaction. As her hips began to buckle, she was soon bucking in tune to the fingering she was getting, glaring at the person who was fingering her and laughing saying "This mutie hasn't been fucked much. Her cunt is tighter than a fifty dollar whore's."

James grinned as he looked at the humiliated Rogue, and then when he deemed her wet enough, he thrusted into her balls-deep at his first thrust. Rogue arched her back and accidentally deepthroated the man fucking her as Kevin blew his load straight down her throat and into her gullet. Due to not wanting to die choking on semen, she swallowed the entire word even as his cock made her saliva coat her face and the cock in her pussy kept thrusting deep without any hesitation.

Glaring, unashamedly crying and thrashing, Rogue shrieked: "Fuck you you fucking rapist pieces of shit!" only to get a hard bitch-slap that jerked her head and made her feel like her neck was broken. But it wasn't and indeed she soon found herself sucking her next cock and doing better this time, hollowing her cheeks and humiliated and crying at the realization that if nothing else she'd be a very good cocksucker. As the cock thrusting in her pussy hit her G-spot and clit with each thrust, her pussy was soon clinching around it and she shrieked again after swallowing her second load of her very first real sexual experience in despair as an orgasm coursed through her and the rapist in her pussy soon throbbed and shot his load inside her.

Leaning over her and looking her dead in the eyes, he then hissed in her ear: "Maybe we'll breed you, mutie. Give you a real human kid."

As he withdrew from her, he wiped his cock on the remnant of her costume on her belly, laughing as he then told her, "Time to start teaching this virgin how to fuck. First up for you, Teabagging!"

Rogue's eyes went very wide with fear.....

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Rogue soon found herself taking two balls in her mouth, made to slurp and lick them clean of the sweat, disgusted beyond all reason by the taste and with damn all she could do about it. It was suck balls clean or get slapped or worse, and as she was no longer invulnerable or able to rely on powers to protect her, her goal was to get through this with as few bruises as she reasonably could. While she focused on that, her sloppy cum-filled cunt was entered by another cock as she felt lubed fingers starting to widen her ass. She struggled but was unable to free herself as two of the men held her down, one holding down her arms, another keeping her legs spread.

As she finished teabagging one man, he shot his cum along her bare tits and before she could do more than make a brief moan of disgust in response, she felt a cock finally enter her ass. She lurched again trying to thrash and actually throwing off the man holding her arm. With her tits coated in cum and her pussy and her ass both fucked deep, hard, and fast her appearance was far less intimidating than she seemed and two of the men simply held her hands around cocks and told her "Start learning how to jack off, bitch." After two slaps and a punch to the face, Rogue went along with it, jacking off the cocks while taking one in her mouth, and feeling the one up her ass spasming and then the feeling of cum shooting up her ass. Whimpering around the cock in her mouth, Rogue began to sink into the experience.

It was overwhelming for the inexperienced woman, each of the cocks filling up parts of her that had never been thus filled, the slimy and cheap and debasing experiences of getting cummed in repeatedly. Someone grabbed her jacket and used it to wipe off her face and tits, but only so others could write on them "Mutie cunt" and "Whore" on her forehead and above her tits, respectively. After cumming in her again the Friends of Humanity gang took pictures of a nude Rogue posing with them, cum oozing from her holes and the writing on her only making her more attractive.

Soon the rest of her uniform was ripped off of her and the men took their chances to pose with Rogue either giving them a handjob or posed as each of them took the option to fuck her up the pussy, depositing yet another load inside her eagerly clenching twat.

Rogue was in complete despair by this point, beaten down by the sensations of a gangbang when she'd never had anything like this before. After each of the Friends got his pictures and made sure to save them, James leaned down and pulled her hair back, savoring both the writing and the cum on her face.

"When we get you to where we're keeping you, mutie, you'll be showered clean of all this gunk and then we'll be having a whole lot more fun. But first...." he grinned as he wiped her lap and her ass free of cum and made her swallow it all, telling her "Eye contact with me, mutie skank."

Blinking back tears she kept them and swallowed all the cum before being placed over his lap in a perfect position for a spanking, to the whoops of the entire gang.

As they laughed, he then hissed to her: "You almost killed one of my best friends, cunt. It's time you started with your punishment. That will do for starters, and then you'll get treated for your mutant virus."

She prepared to squawk but then got another slap to the face and was then very silent.

And some small part of her, the part that had felt a deep and abiding guilt for what the Brotherhood version of her had pulled, felt guilt and shame satisfied by first the pretense that here she was paying a just price for what she'd done. This small part of her began to take a greater and greater role, leading her to slowly stop resisting, a shift noted and enjoyed by the men who were rutting into her with satisfaction and that first began to make itself known after the slaps and punch convinced her to give into it.

James grinned. And he raised his hand with anticipation akin to that of the wolf gazing upon the lamb......

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Suspended over the man's knee, Rogue whimpered as she felt his hand collide with her ass the first time. The spanking was a hard one and followed by the whoops of everyone in the van. Another slap followed, hard as the first.

"So tell me, slut," he grinned as he looked at her. "Why are you being punished?"

"Because of what ah did to Carol."

"Damn fucking straight." Another smacking and Rogue whimpered.

"You've got twenty more per cheek. And will be getting them regularly as a part of your conditioning. You're a bad mutie and we'll spank and fuck the mutie right out of you. When we're done with you, Rogue'll just be a memory and you'll be a set of holes for us to fuck."

So things continued, twenty spankings per cheek, and as they mounted Rogue began to fidget and whimper and was soon screaming by the time the spankings were getting high up there. As James withdrew his hand, he pulled Rogue up, making her sit on his lap fair and square with her tender well-spanked and bruised ass making her fidget as he laughed, before someone else tied her hands behind her back.

"No, you're not a virgin any more, cunt."

Her thong was used to wipe up some of the cum on her tits and her face and then was shoved in her mouth as James, hard again at the humiliation, the flushed face, and the tears falling from Rogue's face slid right back inside her. He enjoyed that Rogue humiliated herself further by wrapping her legs around him, flushed with arousal and her big tits jiggling and swinging, her pussy soon clenching around him again. Gagged with her own thong, all Rogue could do was make a series of muffled groans and shrieks as she tried to deny the evidence of her own body, as Jim held her by her big round ass, and she kept riding him and was soon bucking onto him of her own free will.

He smirked, "See boys, the mutie cunt loves it!"

As Rogue humped him without intending to or having the least bit of control over herself, time seemed to slow to a crawl and sensations became hyper-realistic. She was keenly aware of the air conditioning in the van blowing at a high level and adding to a chill when she wasn't busy fucking the Friends of Humanity monsters who held her captive, of the feeling of her thighs slapping against his, of the way her nose flared and the deep sounds of her rapid breathing. Of sweat falling from individual pores. Of the silence of the voices in her head of the people whose powers she'd absorbed, that blessed silence that was nonetheless the more cutting in the context of this kind of humiliation.

The coarse references to her tits, her ass, her cunt, the endless laughter about 'muties' that made her humiliated. The feeling of her cunt clenching around the man's cock, her red tear-stained face marked by his yielding to her. Him hissing in her ear, the warm breath hitting her, "You're gonna be our bitch and we're gonna make you love human dick and having no powers. Being a real, proper human being. Not some filthy mutie. And Carol will be avenged."

Squeezing her ass hard he grinned as his throbbing cock blew a nice deep load inside Rogue again, and as she sagged a bit, head leaning down he pulled out and briefly removed her thong as Rogue leaned down, awkwardly, and cleaned off his cock with her mouth and kept eye contact with him. Smiling in that same ferocious sense he said "Already learning your place. Good whore."

The van stopped.

The driver whooped. "Lafayette, here we are!"

The doors opened and the nude, cum-stained Rogue was led into the Friends of Humanity base, finding herself ogled by dozens of men and women with no small amount of fear from her, the fear actually assaulting others in an olfactory sense.

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Rogue looked around, appalled.

She was pushed to her knees and then the men stood around and at attention, adopting something very like a Hitler salute.

"The Empress is coming!"

The eager chanting went and puzzled at the reference, Rogue looked around in a panic.

Then she saw a woman striding toward her in dark green armor of a manner not unlike that of Thor, to a degree. Very tall, blonde and blue-eyed, the only suitable word for this temptress was Godlike. Which was fitting because Amora of Asgard was in fact a Goddess herself. The men stood even more rigidly at attention and Amora returned their salute, at which point they remained at attention.

"Ah, my good men. You've brought me a nice little present."

Rogue's eyes widened. As always the Enchantress's voice sounded like bottled sex but there was an undertone of ravaged grief there that hinted that this would be even more dangerous than usual.

Her eyes turned to Rogue then and their eyes met for the first time. And the Enchantress smiled with a sinister grin that made Rogue all of a sudden wish she could turn invisible and/or shrink and get far, far away.

"Such a lovely little thing," she cooed as she leaned down and caressed Rogue's cheek, opening her mouth and sniffing her breath.

"And a slut, too."

Amused, she said, "The Friends of Humanity are now my army, little Rogue."

Rogue's eyes widened.

"Oh, yes. I had them bring you to me. Finding out what your powers could do, well...."

She was amused "Who better for the Enchantress's army to break? You won't even remember you have your little powers when we get done to you. James told me what you did to that blonde bitch Danvers."

She laughed with a sweet and syrupy sound that would have been all the more seductive if not for the ravages of grief and the none too subtle hints that she would treat Rogue more horribly than the merely human captors did.

Lifting Rogue effortlessly by one arm in a reminder of what Rogue herself had had and lost, Amora grinned.

"This is just the beginning, boys. We'll have at least a couple of months to bend this mutant whore into whatever directions we damn well please." Hoisting Rogue over her shoulder effortlessly, Amora teleported clean into her bedroom, throwing Rogue on the bed as she looked frightened at the Enchantress.

Deciding to prove a point to Rogue, the Enchantress removed Rogue's power-nullifying collar and then used her mystic abilities to hold Rogue down with clamps that looked metal but moved and writhed like snakes.

"You're a mortal, Rogue. I am a Goddess with a tremendous amount of power in the Mystic Arts. You should be flattered. Every other time with me you'll have the collar. But here, with your powers active, I will best you and I will bed you and you will never, ever forget that the real you was fucked silly by a true deity worthy of the name."

Conjuring a strap-on seemingly out of thin air and flowing metal, she walked over to Rogue and straddled her, lowering her lips straight to hers as Rogue glared with a mixture of arousal, desperation, and a brief flowering of hope....

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That hope was soundly squashed like a deer underneath Godzilla's footsteps when Amora gave Rogue a deep tongue-kiss that Rogue at first tried not to return but did so when she began to feel her air supply cut off. As Amora's tongue thrust into her mouth, Rogue tried to bite it but it hurt her teeth and she actually yelped as Amora withdrew back over her.

She grinned. "Your powers might be able to drain the mortals of your little pissant world, but I am a goddess. They are next to useless on one who adds to divine physiology mastery of the mystic arts. I also will be fucking you like this more because like this, you have some degree of invulnerability and strength yourself." She grinned. "Wouldn't want to get too carried away with fucking someone powerless," and then kissed Rogue again as she slid into her pussy, starting to jackhammer with a speed no merely human lover could have matched. "I could easily tear you limb from limb if I did." As she rammed into Rogue, Rogue was humiliated at feeling her pussy moistening and starting to clench around the strapon. Amora laughed, thrusting into Rogue with stamina beyond even that of an ordinary superhuman.

"Do you believe yourself heterosexual, Miss Rogue?"

Looking into Amora's eyes and seeing the ravages of grief replaced by a more than slightly sinister madness, Rogue whimpered, "Y-Y-yes."

"Your cunt doesn't agree with you."

She whimpered and began to buck in tune with Amora's rhythms, feeling her orgasm building. Amora's lips were all over her, several steaming kisses with strands of saliva dropping on her chin, over her neck where Amora deliberately gave her three hickeys, to her tits, which got hands and lips and caresses across their entire existence, Amora lovingly sucking on her nipples. This plus the sensation of Amora's hands kneading her earlobes sent Rogue over into her first orgasm, moaning in satisfaction, and then a second and a third as Amora kept kissing and stroking her. Each of these orgasms was a greater humiliation than the one before it, and as the Enchantress smirked at Rogue's pleasure she licked her ear and said, "You're mine, slut."

Flipping her over, Enchantress enjoyed the sight of Rogue's back, leaning in as she started tapping her strap-on on Rogue's ass. Before Rogue could ask about lube, Enchantress smirked.

"One benefit of magic," as the strap-on slid into Rogue's ass with the greatest of ease and depth and gentleness, "is that you can do many things other people can't. Touching and fucking you without anything but a little magic field among them."

Her hands slid around to Rogue's tits, and she started jackhammering up Rogue's ass.

She smirked as she did so and the other woman bucked into her, moaning in complete and tender abandon, giving into her own lust.

"You're such a slut, little Rogue."

As she laughed, she said, "Tell me your real name."

"Anna Marie Darkholme."

She grinned. "Excellent. The Friends of Humanity have been given a task by me, to see if they can capture a beautiful mutant and rape and torture her own identity away. When they are done with you, you'll have forgotten you ever had powers or were ever Rogue, you'll just be Anna Darkholme, my lover and bed-warmer."

As Rogue came three more times, she finally withdrew and then was satisfied as her strapon vanished and she flipped Rogue back over and shoved her head between her legs. Rogue was even more inexperienced here but was to learn very quickly at the hands and words of Amora how to go down on a woman.

"Oh, yes. This will be delightful. Friends of Humanity sell themselves out to aliens, mutants get brainwashed into being sex slaves. And I get to mourn my Skurge with a perfectly helpful and willing slut who'll be grateful to show off her increased skills and have her powers in exchange for pleasuring me."

Smirking she cupped Rogue between the legs.

"And there are.....other gifts...I can give you with magic." Rogue's eyes widened and she tried to pull away but Amora none too gently held her down.

"Yes, this is the life."

After taking another hour to ravish Rogue, she left her on the bed before looking for the first of many outfits Rogue would wear. Her collar was restrapped around her neck and Rogue was fitted into lacey sheer white lingerie, including thigh-highs. Her eyes widened so much they almost bugged out of her head when the Enchantress said, "Dye her hair blonde, so the little bitch will lose one of the things that makes her most herself."

She tried to shout and scream but was gagged as the Friends of Humanity dragged her off to the mocking laughter of the Enchantress, who turned back to the screen and to the aftermath of the grand and terrible battle between the X-Men and the Hellfire Club.

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When the battle began, Storm hurled the ice at the Hellfire Club like a wind of shrapnel, but Polaris simply grinned and repelled it with powerful magnetic fields that offered a convenient set of force fields. As the Hellfire Club's men deployed into position, Selene, Shaw, Voight, Sabretooth, Marrow, and Fabian Cortez in turn readied themselves. With Storm preparing bolts of lightning and Wolverine, Gambit, Jean, Cyclops, Jubilee, and Synch readied themselves to fight. Polaris, however, was the unknown quantity here. They'd been used to thinking of her as a somewhat inferior knockoff of Magneto but now she rivaled her old man in raw strength, if not skill in using it and swiftly proved the point by firing beams of magnetic energy that forced the X-Men to scatter.

As Storm unleashed lightning bolts, Polaris's force fields held and she then formed crackling electricity from her own fingers. The sight of a maddened Polaris cackling and firing bolts of lightning like the Emperor from Star Wars was quite memorable, as was Storm's easy evasion of it and firing lightning of her own Polaris repelled with Force Fields.

Wolverine and Sabretooth were soon plunged into the familiar routine of rapid maneuvers and cutting motions, while Gambit found himself stuck in a kind of curious inaction as both he and Selene began a fight of taunting more dangerous than mothers who were hamsters and fathers smelling of elderberries.

Voight's teleportation enabled her in theory to run rings around the X-Men yet Synch not only copied her ability but kept her busy in a teleportation spam across the battlefield with flashes of light as the Hellfire Club men began to open fire with their firearms. Storm's winds and Jean's telekinesis deflected it, Jean then casually breaking the firearms and unleashing bolts of telekinetic fury while Cyclops casually blasted the ones not immediately focused on this down with his eyebeams and then the ones that were.

As Fabian Cortez prepared to augment the powers of Shaw, Storm's carefully aimed heavy rock hit him in the back of the head and carefully knocked him out. Smirking, Shaw huffed "Acolyte poseur" before lunging at Wolverine and Sabretooth only for the latter to launch forth and claw at his face, convincing him he'd best seek activity elsewhere. All of them had to dodge not only Storm's lightning but the casual and none too discriminately aimed blasts of Polaris.

Indeed, Polaris at one point hit Sabretooth in the back and hurled him forward onto Wolverine's blades, but then hit Jean in the face and knocked her ass over teakettle. Storm's lightning scored multiple direct hits but against someone who had discovered mastery of the electromagnetic spectrum this was worse than useless. Polaris in turn unleashed both bolts of lightning and blinding flashes of light that disoriented Storm and led her bolts of lightning to go off course and in some cases blow apart trees and crater the ground.

Storm formed more ice shrapnel, but a wall of infrared dissolved the ice, which fell like rain upon the heads of the rest of the battle, while Polaris casually used bolts of magnetic and electric force, and then adapted further by unleashing a targeted burst of gamma radiation that shattered multiple trees in the vincinity.

Smirking as she realized this too was possible, she then began to use her radio waves to see if any of the flatscans loyal to the Club were alive, and they were not. But there were at least forty Friends of Humanity nearby, who seemed to combine ultra-futurustic guns with radios she could potentially hack if needed. And as long as they stayed out of the business-thinking like this got her a direct bolt of lightning in the face, which led to her yanking Wolverine up from the ground with a sinister smile and hurling him into Storm, knocking them both out.

Sabretooth lunged at Wolverine and Polaris wagged a finger at him.

"Naughty." As he growled, she then slammed him with a blast of magnetic energy that hurled him through ten trees around the mansion, leaving a set of Sabretooth-shaped impressions through all of them, Sabretooth landing on his back with a concussion staring blankly into space. She smirked and then as Cyclops fired his beam at her, formed her shield and anchored herself. The beam began to cause her feet to dig into the ground and make tracks until she grabbed the unconscious Wolverine and threw him at Cyclops, who ducked but had to turn his beam off for a second as Polaris levitated back up and began to fire her beams in a cluster-effect.

Everyone dodged, and it made Sebastian Shaw miss one of his punches just in time for Storm to briefly awaken and douse him in water and hit him with a powerful blast of electricity, the combination and shock overwhelming Shaw and knocking him down.

Polaris huffed.

"Men are fucking useless."

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Remy watched Selene's every movement.
He was sure that she knew where Rogue had been taken to.
But he had to play it cool around this woman.
He would normally be fighting without a shred of mercy...but something about her made him think twice.
Granted, most beautiful women (especially one as scantily clad as her) caught his eye, but it seemed like, despite the fact that she was she was sizing him up, she had no interest in fighting him.
Instead she appeared to be content to wait for the first strike from him.
Remy was never one to make a lady wait, so he threw a light kick at her that she easily blocked.
She responded with an equally half-hearted attack that he dodged.
"Impressive." She declared.
Remy gave her a small grin and went back on the attack, this time, there was no half-assing it for either of them.
It seemed like every second the world around them grew shorter, until it consisted of only them and this bizarre dance they were now locked into.
"Gotta say, I think I made the right choice." Selene said, catching Gambit off guard with that comment.
That gave her the opening to (literally) sweep him off his feet.
Remy shook his head, he had to figure out A. What that comment meant and B. Where Rogue was.
And he was pretty sure that, no matter what happened in this battle, he was going to get to know Selene real well in the near future.
And once she lead him to Rogue, there would be no mercy.
Around Selene and Remy the battle raged on.
But for Jubilee, none of that mattered.
Instead she focused on Polaris.
She felt like Polaris had stabbed her in the back.
But she was still in love with her.
She took those confusing feelings out on the Soldiers that were dumb enough to fight her.
She tore through them and eventually she found herself face to face with Polaris.
"Jubilation, did you think I forgot about you?" Lorna asked, already knowing the answer.
"I was hoping that you would." Jubilee responded, trying to give her words her usual teenage sass, but it wasn't working.
Instead she sounded confused and a little scared.
"Well, too bad, I could never forget about you." Polaris seductively declared, slowly advancing on the teenager.
Jubilee decided to stand her ground against Polaris and took up a fighting stance.
"I'd rather not fight you, Jubilation." Lorna began.
"Instead I want you by my side, I want you to join the Hellfire Club." She said.
"Not a chance." Jubilee answered.
"Where would you be best served Jubilee: In a place like here, where your treated as a child or with us, where you'll be treated like the budding woman that you are?" Jubilee wondered if Lorna was right.
She had done so much in her brief time with the X-Men, but they still treated her like she needed to be protected.
But she wasn't ready to give into Polaris.
"My family is here." Jubilee said, trying to justify staying with the X-Men.
"We can be your new family." Polaris said.
"But you won't." A voice said as Jubilee felt a hand on her shoulder.
A moment later she felt her nose fill with the stench of brimstone as Nightcralwer teleported them far away from the battle.
"Dammit, I'll have to get her later." Polaris mused as she returned to the battle.

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