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 Post subject: "Weekend With Daddy"
PostPosted: July 25th, 2016, 8:51 am 
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Weekend With Daddy

Mf, cons, inc, pedo , oral, mast, voy


Disclaimer: This story describes the fictional sexual acts of a
fictional man and his fictional under-aged daughter. Reader discretion is

Sorry for the format, I lost the original document and had to copy from ASSTR


"Rachel, your father's here to pick you up for the weekend!" Linda
yelled stairs to her 14 year old daughter.

"Be right down!" She yelled back. "It's time to get away from you,
bitch." She whispered to herself.

Rachel had a raging hatred for her mother ever since the divorce. She
never forgave her for cheating on her father, Andrew, with his best friend.
It was very obvious how the young girl felt. Rarely did a day go by that a
screaming match between the two did not happen. Growing up, she had always
been a daddy's girl and felt horrible for him when everything went down.

Rachel packed her backpack with three days worth of clothes, her laptop,
cell phone and diary which were all she really needed. Every weekend she
would be at her father's house and spent the majority of the time just
hanging out with him. It may have been weird to say but he was truly her
best friend. Never did Andrew turn her away or yell at her, he always
listened and spoke to her like an adult, unlike her mother who would talk
to her like a five year old. She tied up her long jet-black hair in a
ponytail and headed downstairs.

"Hi daddy!" She jumped into his arms for a hug, never letting her smile
drift away. "I've missed you!" Last weekend, Andrew was away on a business
trip and had to skip his time with her.

"Missed you too honey." He gave her another hug. Rachel turned around
and looked at her mother. Her smile went away.

"Bye Linda." She said before walking out of the house.

Linda was always angry when her daughter called her by her first name.

"Your daughter is becoming a really disrespectful bitch Andrew."

"I wonder where who she gets it from." He smirked before leaving.

Andrew climbed aboard his pickup truck and started it up.

"So honey, what do you want to do today?" He noticed how angry she was.

"Anywhere but here." She smiled at him. "Are you making the usual
Friday night dinner?"

"Yes I am. Steak, rice and a salad...just as you like Rachel." She
leaned over and kissed his cheek as he pulled out of the driveway.

Andrew lived about a half an hour away from his ex-wife so they had
plenty of time to just talk.

"So, how was your week honey?" He asked her.

"Pretty much the same. School goes good, I come home, Linda calls me a
bitch for not dusting every inch of my room, we scream back and forth for
an hour...same old shit. I wish I could just live with you, it would be so
much easier."

"I wish you could too honey, but the judge said that I only get you for
the weekends." He could sense how upset she was. "Did your mother tell you
about Sunday?" She looked at him confused. "I have to have you back by 9
AM. But that doesn't mean that we can't have fun today and tomorrow,

"Of course not daddy, I'm just glad I can be happy for a little bit."
She grabbed on to his arm and hugged it.

They arrived at his small home, hidden away deep in the woods. The
divorce drained him of a lot of money, thanks to the lies his ex-wife told
to make him seem like the bad guy. This small house was all that the
grocery store manager could afford. Rachel ran into the house and directly
headed to the bathroom. When she came back into the kitchen, her father
was preparing their dinner as she sat down at the table with her diary.
She started to write:


Dear Diary,

Friday, September 21st. 6:00 PM.

It's another perfect Friday. I'm away from that fucking bitch Linda and
her constant nagging. Daddy is making my favorite meal again. I love my
daddy more than anything in the world; he treats me like a princess unlike
Linda, who treats me like a prisoner. If I could live here with daddy, I
would be the happiest girl in the world. Stupid Judge!!!


Andrew watched as his daughter jotted away in her diary, looking so
happy. Throughout the whole divorce proceedings, he could not recall one
time that she did not look depressed. Before anything happened, the family
was perfectly normal. Rarely were there any arguments or disagreements;
from all angles they looked like the perfect family. It was because of
this that when everything went down, Rachel was unaware of how to deal with
it. Conflict was never an experience for her and her brain basically shut
down. With how she was treated at home, Andrew was happy just to see her

"Dinner will be ready in about a half hour honey." He told her as she
closed the diary.

"Okay, I'm gonna jump in the shower before then." She jumped up, kissed
his cheek and scurried off to her room.

Rachel reached into her backpack and grabbed a red tank top and her
black sweatpants before heading into the bathroom. Twenty minutes later
she returned to the kitchen while brushing her hair. Once she finished,
she tied it back up in a ponytail and sat back down at the table. Andrew
put a plate in front of her and she thanked him.

"What do you want to drink honey? " He asked her with the refrigerator.

"Daddy? Just this once can I please have a beer?" She looked at him
with a cute smile.

"How can I say no to that face?" He reached into the fridge and grabbed
two cans of beer.

Andrew opened Rachel's beer for her and placed it in front of her. She
took it in hand and took a big sip before smiling back at him. They slowly
ate their dinner in silence, simply enjoying each other's company. After
they finished, she stood up and collected the dishes. As she started
running the water, her father spoke.

"You don't have to do that honey." He stood up.

"No sit down. You cooked, I'll clean. It's okay, I like doing things
for you daddy." She giggled before continuing washing dishes.

When she was finished, they both walked into the living room and sat
down on the sofa.

"What movie do you want to watch Rachel?" He asked her as she rested her
head on his shoulder.

"Can we just watch TV daddy, I'm kinda tired." She said with a yawn.

"Okay honey." He kissed her forehead. "What should we watch?"

She looked up at the clock and saw that it was eight o'clock. "Aren't
the Reds playing the Cubs tonight?"

Andrew grabbed the remote and switched to the baseball game just in time
to see a homerun for the Cincinnati Reds, their favorite team.

"Awesome timing!" She exclaimed.

They sat on the couch for about an hour watching the game until Rachel
let out a loud yawn. She stood up and kissed her father on the cheek.

"I'm going to bed daddy, see you tomorrow."

Andrew kissed her back. "Goodnight honey."

About two hours later, after the Reds won their game, he stood up and
yawned as well. He turned the TV and the lights off. He started walking
towards his room when he noticed the lights still on in his daughter's
room. Almost every weekend she would fall asleep with the lights on.

"She has to stop doing this." He thought to himself.

He slowly started opening the door to turn the lamp off when it got
caught on something. Quietly, he bent down to move the object and found
the sweatpants that she had been wearing.

"Why did she just leave these here?" He thought to himself. He raised
his head and looked in the room. What he saw almost gave him a heart

Directly in Andrew's line of sight was his daughter's lower body,
completely uncovered, with her hand working at her pussy. He was frozen in
shock as he watched his 14 year old daughter roughly rubbing on her tender
young womanhood that was only covered by a small patch of thick black hair.
He backed out of the room, quiet as to not draw attention, and stood there
watching through the crack of the open door.

"Oh my god!" He thought to himself.

Andrew knew that it was wrong to continue watching his daughter play
with herself, but was too intrigued to look away. He watched as she
rapidly rubbed her swollen, bright red clit and roughly fingered herself.
He could hear the moans coming from her mouth, clearly trying not to be too
loud to draw her father's attention from his room. Little did she know
that her father wasn't in his room but was instead a few feet away watching

Her father continued watching as she started to buck her hips against
her own hand. The moans were rising in volume as she was reaching her
orgasm. Andrew could not help but feel a stirring in his own pants as his
daughter squirmed around her bed. He was so fixated on the sight in front
of him to know what to think. Suddenly, he heard a long, loud moan come
from the room as her body stiffened up and the sound of her hand slapping
against her soaking wet crotch filled the room. The confused father could
see her cum coating her hand and dripping down onto the bed. After a few
seconds to relax, he could tell that she was about to get up so he slowly
closed the door and headed off to his room.

As he lay in bed, Andrew could not figure out how to feel. He had just
witnessed a beautiful young girl masturbating furiously in the room next
door. Typically, that would be the best thing in the world but this was
his 14 year old daughter. Judging by the tent in his pants, he knew how
his body wanted him to feel but his brain was vigorously trying to fight
it. For the remainder of the night, he did not sleep well.

Around seven o'clock in the morning, the confused father heard his
daughter exiting her room and walking to the bathroom. He got up and
walked down the hallway as she exited, bumping into him. He quickly
noticed that she was only dressed in a tank top and a pair of panties. She
smiled at him and apologized before scurrying back to her room. As Andrew
sat down at the table, she came back out with her sweatpants back on. The
young girl grabbed a pop-tart and sat down across from him.

"So...what are we doing today daddy?" She nibbled at the pastry and
smiled at him.

"Whatever you want honey, I just need some help clearing the branches
from the backyard first." He responded, trying not to stare at her.

Rachel finished her breakfast and stood up.

"I'm gonna go get dressed, we can get that out of the way early." She
happily skipped away. Andrew couldn't help back look behind and watch her
bouncing away; his eyes locked on her butt.

"What the hell am I doing?" He asked himself as he got up to change. As
he passed her door, he heard her scream.


Andrew quickly stormed through the door to see his daughter, completely
naked, standing on her bed. He shielded his eyes and asked her what the
problem was.

"MOUSE!" She pointed to the dresser where a small mouse was running
around in the corner. "I'm hate mice! Kill it daddy!"

"I can't honey, I'll have to set a trap first."

"I can't stay in here with a mouse!" She leaped off of the bed and ran
out of the room, not making any effort to cover her nude body. "Can you
get my clothes for me?"

Andrew grabbed the skirt, underwear and t-shirt off the bed and the
boots from the floor. He slowly closed the door and handed her the

"Thanks daddy!" She gave him a hug. He tried his best not to hug her
back, with her being naked and only fourteen.

"No problem honey, go into the bathroom and get dressed please." He
said, keeping his eyes only on her face.

"Okay!" She smiled and walked into the bathroom.

As Andrew was getting dressed in his room, he couldn't help but notice
another unwanted erection standing in front of him. This time, he ignored
it and just continued preparing for the yard work.

Before exiting the house, he grabbed a mousetrap and set it outside his
daughter's door. They both walked outside to start. It was a very warm
September morning, so they weren't covered in much. She was only wearing a
mini-skirt and a t-shirt while he was just in a hoodie and jean shorts.

"Okay honey, all you need to do is pick up the sticks and branches and
put them in this trash bag."

"Seems simple enough." She smiled and walked off into the yard.

Andrew paid little attention to her (now that his erection was gone) and
went on cleaning the yard. As he was on the ground picking up sticks,
Rachel walked up with an armful and dumped them in the trash. She turned
around and noticed a few that she dropped. The young girl bent down to
pick it up, giving her father a clear look up her skirt to her uncovered
pussy. He looked away when she turned back around, pretending not to have
seen anything.

"I could have sworn I grabbed her underwear." He thought to himself.

He tried to ignore her for the remainder of the task and was successful
until the last of the sticks were being thrown away when, again, she bent
over to pick up some that she had dropped.

"Okay daddy, I think that's all of them."

Andrew did not look at his daughter. "Okay honey, you can go back
inside now."

Rachel was puzzled as to why her dad was acting so weird.

"Okay." She quietly said as she headed back inside.

As she walked towards her room, she saw the dead mouse in the trap and
felt safe enough to walk into her room. She jumped onto her bed and
grabbed her diary for another entry.


Dear Diary,

Saturday, September 22nd. 9:00 AM

Today I got up and found a mouse in my bedroom! Scary! Daddy set a
trap for it and killed it though so I'm nice and safe. I helped him clear
sticks and branches from the yard but something wasn't right. He wouldn't
look at me, talked differently and was just acting odd. Maybe he didn't
sleep well or something. Oh well, maybe he will happier later.


A little while later, Andrew returned to the house and moved the dead
mouse from in front of the door and into the trash can. Rachel came out of
her room and gave him a hug.

"Thanks for taking care of the mouse daddy, I love you." She said with a

"Sure, you're welcome." He broke the hug and walked into the living
room. She quickly followed.

"Daddy?" She asked in a low voice.

"What?" He said, sounding a bit angry.

She watched as he didn't look at her and instead watched the television.

She slowly made her way into her bedroom, closing the door behind her.
She climbed onto her bed, pulled her knees to her chest and started crying.
She had no idea why her father was angry or why he didn't say "I love you"
back. The first thing her mind went to how negative her mother always was
to her. Rachel feared that her father was starting to feel the same way.
It may have seemed like jumping to a conclusion, but he had never acted
this way to her. About two hours later, Andrew knocked on her door.

"Lunch is on the table for you Rachel." He yelled out.

The young girl wiped her tears away and left her room. Her father was
still in the living room as she sat down.

"Thank you daddy."

"Yeah, you're welcome." He said quietly.

She quickly ate her food and ran back to her room, slamming the door
behind her. She jumped back on her bed and started crying again until she
heard a loud knock on the door.

"Rachel! Why did you slam your door!?" He yelled from outside. She did
not answer. He opened up the door and walked into the room. "I asked you
a question young la..." He noticed her bright red face and wet eyes.
"Whats the matter honey?"

She sat up and wiped a tear away. "Did I do something wrong dad?"

"Well, slamming the door wasn't exactly good." He responded.

"No, I mean this morning. You weren't looking at me, you spoke in weird
tone and you didn't say `I love you' back. What did I do wrong daddy?"

Andrew didn't know what to say. It would be very creepy to tell her the
truth...but he had promised her during the divorce trials that he would
never lie to her. He was unsure of the right thing to do.

"Come with me honey, we need to talk." He grabbed onto her hand and
walked her out of the room and to the kitchen table. They both sat down.
"Rachel honey, I'll start by saying that you did nothing wrong. This is
all on me."

"What are you talking about daddy?" She asked after a big sniffle.

"You see honey...after the game last night I was walking to bed. I saw
that your light was on and I thought that you fell asleep with it on
again." The look on his daughter's face went from sadness to embarrassment.
"When I opened your door to turn it off...I saw that you...you were there
but you weren't..."

"You mean you saw me...?" She interrupted.

"Yes honey, I saw you... doing that to yourself." He struggled to
continue looking in her eyes.

"Oh my god! So that's why you've been acting weird today?" She asked.

"Well, it wasn't JUST that." She looked puzzled. "I could tell
that...when we were working outside and you bent down to pick sticks up, I
noticed...I noticed that you weren't wearing your...your underwear." Rachel
immediately crossed her legs under the table.

"Daddy, I'm so sorry. I don't really like wearing panties that much. I
forgot I was in a skirt. Daddy, I'm so sorry that you saw my...wait a
minute. Just seeing it shouldn't have made you act weird unless...Daddy?
When you watched me last night, did you get...did your penis get hard?"

Andrew could not believe the words coming from his daughter's mouth.
"Rachel, I...I..." She cut him off.

"It did! Daddy, you got an erection when you saw me?" He was sweating
very much now.

"I couldn't help it. I saw you with your hand up your crotch, how could
I not."

"So you got turned on by me?" She asked; a small smile starting to form
on her face.

"Honey, it's not what you think. It could have been anyone, if I see
that I'm going to like it. I mean it's not like I've had any..." He
stopped talking.

"Any what?" She placed her hand on her father's. "Daddy, please don't
treat me like a kid. Finish your sentence."

He took a deep sigh. "I haven't had sex since before the divorce. It's
been two years without it and...I liked what I saw."

Rachel was unsure of how to respond. "Just another thing Linda took
away from you huh?" She giggled.

"Yes honey...We really shouldn't be talking like this. You're my
daughter. I shouldn't have these feeling for my own flesh and blood."

Rachel stood up and walked to her father's side. She bent down to
whisper in his ear. "Daddy, who do you think I was thinking about when I
masturbating?" She pulled her head away and placed her hand on his

"Rachel? Why?" She sat back down, pulling the chair closer to him.

"Daddy, you are the only person in my life now that doesn't treat me
like shit. I know it's not right to think about you when I'm doing that
but I have nothing else positive to think about. Linda hates me, my
teachers don't like me, my "friends" don't really like me...there's only.
You make me feel good about myself and I really like it." He continued to
stare at her. "But if it bothers you, I can stop. We can go back to the
way things were if you want...but I really don't want to."

"What are you saying honey?"

She smiled and bent down to his ear again. "Don't hate me but...I want
to...can I see your dick please daddy?"

Andrew stood straight up and looked down at his much-shorter daughter,
him standing at 6'5" and her at 5'3". "Rachel..." He put his arms under
her butt and pulled her upward at eye level. "You cannot tell anyone about
this." She gave him a big smile and pressed her tongue into his mouth.
They made out for about a minute before she broke the kiss.

"I promise."

Rachel was carried down the hallway by her father, mouths still locked
together in a loving embrace. He pulled away and asked, "Your room or

"My bed."

Andrew kicked the door opened and gently laid her down on her bed.
Quickly, Rachel shed her slender body of all clothes. Her father was
stunned at how much she had grown from a girl into a beautiful woman. Her
breasts had developed into an easy b-cup with almost hourglass-like figure.
She licked her lips slowly while watching her father shed his clothes. The
horny young girl slid to the edge of the bed and grabbed onto his boxers,
sliding them down to the floor and causing his five inch cock to spring
free and slap her in the cheek.

"Holy shit daddy, it's so big." She used her right hand and started
slowly stroking it. Rachel looked up and smiled at her father while
increasing the motion of the strokes. "I love you daddy."

"I love you too honey."

Rachel was so happy to finally get her "I love you" back. She quickly
inhaled his cock in her mouth and lightly sucked on the head.

"That feels amazing honey."

She giggled before forcing the cock as far down her throat as she
possibly could. Andrew was amazed at how good his daughter was at sucking
cock. His entire cock went down her throat and he could feel her throat
muscles struggling around him. She held it for several seconds before
letting it out. The young girl took a deep breath before continuing to
give him the best blowjob of his life.

"Rachel, how did you get so good at doing this." He said, not really
wanting a response.

Rachel pulled his cock from her mouth and started stroking it fast.
"Well...when the divorce was going on, it sent me into a weird place. I
needed something to get rid of the pain so...I'm sorry daddy, but I started
smoking pot every day after school." He was disappointed. "And when I
needed some more...I started...doing things for more. I'm so sorry daddy."

Before he could respond, she put his cock back in her mouth and sucked
him furiously.

"Rachel, could you stop for a second." She slowly pulled his cock from
her mouth and backed away, fearing what he would say. Without saying
anything, Andrew got down on his knees and got between her legs. "It's not
a problem honey."

Andrew stuck his tongue out and pressed it against her throbbing clit.
She grabbed on to his head and moaned loudly. He spent several minutes
licking and finger-fucking his young daughter. He started with just his
index finger before fitting in another. He tried to fit in a third, but
she was too tight. He was ramming them into her as hard as possible,
causing her cum to splash out of her pussy and onto the bed.

"Oh daddy...oh daddy...yes...yes... don't stop daddy." Rachel cried out
as she felt a rush of pleasure shooting up and down her body.
"Yes...yes...I'm cumming...oh fuck...AHHHH!"

She grabbed onto her father's hair and clenched hard as her cum exploded
from within. Andrew made sure to lick up every drop that fell from his
daughter's cunt. Feeling very relieved, she lay on the bed only breathing
heavily as her body came down from its high.

"That was so good. Thank you." She said between breaths.

"There's more where that came from honey."

Rachel stared at him as he stood up and positioned his rock hard cock at
her moist opening. He lightly brushed the hair from the front of her face
so that he could stare her in the eyes as his cock slammed into her. Even
after struggling to fit his finger inside, he was still surprised at how
tight his daughter's pussy was. She arched her back and let out a deep
moan as he forced all seven inches into her.

"Oh shit daddy!" She squeaked.

The sounds of her moans were only rivaled in the room by the sound of
her father's balls slapping against her asshole. About five minutes into
the fuck session, she flipped over on to her stomach and stuck her ass up
in front of him.

"I want you to fuck me harder daddy. Pretend I'm Linda...make it
rough!" She screamed as he reentered her pussy from behind.

Andrew grabbed hold of her hips and pulled her back and forth as hard as
possible. He had no concern as to whether she was getting hurt or not, he
was just doing as she asked. He could see her breasts and hair whipping
back and forth in a violent motion. His young daughter was struggling to
keep her knees on the bed while she was being violently jerked around. The
feeling of his balls slamming into her clit pushed her other the edge and
she exploded in another orgasm. She shoved her own face into the mattress
and screamed bloody murder.

"Oh Rachel, you are such a good girl." He said, yanking her head up by
the hair. "Do you want to drink daddies cum?"

"Yes please. I want to drink it all."

Andrew thrusted into her a few more times until it was time to finish.
Rachel crawled off the bed and knelt in front of him. She took control of
his cock and shook it until he exploded. Shot after shot of thick, creamy
cum left the hole of his cock and landed directly in her warm, welcoming
mouth. She made sure not to let a single drop of it miss its target. Her
mouth quickly surrounded his messy cock head and she licked every last bit
of cum from it. The exhausted father sat down on the bed and watched his
daughter finish. Once she did, she sat down next to him and hugged him.

"That was fun daddy." She said.

"Yes it was honey."

"I wish I could live with you so we could do this all the time."

"Rachel, I hope this doesn't upset you but we can't do this too much."
He said while staring into her eyes. "I mean this is illegal."

"Daddy, I don't mind. As long as we can do this once or twice per
visit, I'm fine." They shared a long kiss. "Could we at least do that a

"Of course." They kissed again before getting dressed.

The two spent the remainder of the day like any other, except for the
constant making out. That night, she slept in his bed with him. They held
each other close all night, never wanting to let go. At 8 o'clock in the
morning, they woke up and watched each other change before heading out and
back to Linda's house. As they sat in the truck, Rachel pulled out her
diary and wrote another entry:


Dear Diary,

Sunday, September 23rd. 8:30 am.

Yesterday was the greatest day of my life. Sure, I had the problems in
the morning but I learned why...daddy caught me masturbating! He was just
too embarrassed to say anything. I'm so glad he did though, after he told
me I told him why I was doing it. I love my daddy so much and I finally
showed him the level of love. He carried me into my bedroom and gave me
the best sex of my life. His dick is so big, it felt so god in my pussy.
As I slept in his arms, all I could dream about was him ramming it back
into me. It took over fourteen years but I finally found my one true love.
I can't wait for next Friday when I get to have sex with him again!

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one hot sexy weekend

 Post subject: Re: "Weekend With Daddy"
PostPosted: September 3rd, 2016, 9:24 am 
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amazing. will there be a part 2?

 Post subject: Re: "Weekend With Daddy"
PostPosted: January 22nd, 2017, 6:46 am 
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Weekend with daddy and uncles would be REAL hot. I wonder how long it takes before daddy or one of the uncles cum one time too many in Rachel!

 Post subject: Re: "Weekend With Daddy"
PostPosted: January 22nd, 2017, 9:53 am 
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Just reread this and didn't notice you're disclaimer the first time. Knew it was familar. Is ASSTR still around and active?

 Post subject: Re: "Weekend With Daddy"
PostPosted: January 22nd, 2017, 10:18 am 
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Muhabba wrote:
Just reread this and didn't notice you're disclaimer the first time. Knew it was familar. Is ASSTR still around and active?

Yes but their search function is still trash.

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PostPosted: January 22nd, 2017, 11:15 pm 
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Figures. I tried to post there but I couldn't figure out how. I think they were still using a DOS program.

 Post subject: Re: "Weekend With Daddy"
PostPosted: February 20th, 2017, 2:45 am 
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Great job Biglove! I really liked this!

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