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 Post subject: Celebrity Parasite
PostPosted: January 8th, 2017, 4:02 pm 
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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction, not real, etc. etc. This idea was brought to you by richiebell33 in this thread: topic3939.html ; thanks richie.

Chapter 1

Celebs: Selena Gomez, Hailee Steinfeld, and Taylor Swift

Codes: FF, MF, anal, oral, fDom, exh, cons, mc, mast


Hailee slammed open the door to her apartment, throwing her stuff onto the table. Rushing off the her bedroom, Hailee unzipped her dress, puling it down so that her entire body was open to her cool air conditioned apartment. Her nipples poked out hard, as her dress pooled at her ankles, tripping her up as she collapsed on the bed. Hailee spent all day pressed up against sweaty strangers, and she needed some release. Her fingers slipped underneath her panties, teasing her hot young cunt. She circled her pussy as her juices coated her fingers. With her free hand, Hailee pinched her pert nipples, sending waves of pleasure through her body.

"Ohhh!" She moaned as the pressure built, she can feel her orgasm building.

Meanwhile, above her in the atmosphere...

The ship sailed through sky, focusing on North America as it searched for a suitable target. The radars quickly identified Los Angeles as the premiere city, but as finding hundreds of suitable targets, on the verge of orgasmic release, the prime targets. With the advanced technology aboard the spacecraft, they cross referenced all the people, finding the most suitable and attractive candidate, and that's when it came up with one Hailee Steinfeld. The navigation locked on to her location, and propelled the capsule at the speed of light, right in through her window, landing in her kitchen.

"What the fuck!!!" Hailee screams as she runs into the kitchen, alarmed by the sudden noise.

Her tits bounce freely as she ran into the kitchen. But what she's sees when she enters completely befuddles her. A metal container the size of a baseball sits in her sink, somehow melting the metal around it.


The piece melts through her sink, falling down into her cabinet. Hailee rushes over to the sink, peering down the hole. All of a sudden, a gas fills her nose, possessing her body. Taken aback as her soul desperately tries to fight the alien, it only takes a matter of seconds until it has full control. Now, standing in her kitchen in only her panties, Hailee is filled with a hunger, desire for sex. Her body feels empty, and craves the feeling of a long thick cock stuffed up her snatch.

Without bothering the change, she walked next door and knocked, hoping her neighbor Joe wasn't too lazy to get off his fat ass and answer the door. She'd been living next to Joe for about a year now, and every chance he'd get he'd "run into her" in the hallway. Hailee was always suspicious that he had a camera in the hallway so he could see her, but never had anyway to prove it. Needless to say, that was all water under the bridge now as Hailee heard Joe thundering toward the door. All she wanted was to take his sweaty cock and suck him off as he buried his meaty fingers in her pussy.

"Hailee?!?!?!" Joe looked at the basically nude girl, stunned.

Hailee squeezed by him in the doorway, and as their apartments have the same layout she went right for his bed.

"Come on Joe!" She called after him, as he still stood in the doorway, unable to tell if he was dreaming.

But at her command, Joe rushed after her, to find her on her knees in his bed, her ass sticking up in the air, completely nude.

"Fuck me Joe, fuck me like you've wanted to for all these years!!!" Hailee encouraged him, as she heard the bulky man rush to shed his clothes.

The bed eeked as he climbed up behind he, placing his sweaty palms on her amazing little bubble butt. He had dreamed about this day, and he wasn't gonna let this prissy little bitch tell him what to do. So, which warning and without hesitation, Joe stooped over her and buried his 9 inch prick into Hailee's ass.

"UGHHH You mother fucker!!!!" Hailee screamed as Joe mercilessly started pounding her ass.

"You fucking love this don't you you little whore!!!" Joe yelled right back at her, pulling her hair so she could look him in the eyes as he buried his meaty cock in her tight little asshole.

His balls slapped against her pussy as Joe 300 pound body pushed itself into her time after time. Hailee could feel the pleasure it was bringing to her, but none of the same satisfaction that anal normally does, she needed... more. However, there was no way she was getting out from beneath this hulk of a man, so she took the pounding from him, pleading and begging for Joe to fuck her harder, until he couldn't take it anymore, filling her ass with his sticky cum. He collapsed onto the bed, as Hailee got out, headed for the next apartment.

With her nude body prancing through the halls, Hailee realized she should probably cover herself up if she was headed off her floor. So, quickly rushing through her apartment, she threw on her Seattle Seahawks jersey, that just barely rode beneath her ass.


As she tucked it on, she could just imagine some guy bending her over a dumpster and taking her up the shitter. God, she really needed some cock. So, rushing into the elevator, she headed for the ground floor. Once she got off the elevator, she turns toward her landlord's apartment. He lived there with his wife, but if her bill says anything, it's that they're having problems. So, Hailee takes a knock on the door as she hikes up her jersey just enough so that her pussy is visible.

"Hey Tom! Is Lily home?" Hailee quickly asks, examining the unshaven man wearing a white tshirt and his underwear.

He was clearly a mess, and Hailee intended to take full advantage of that.

"No..." Tom said, his mind clearly wandering off as he thought of his wife.

"Well," Hailee says as she steps closer to Tom, trailing her hand along his arm, "When was the last time this guy got any attention?"

Hailee's trailing hand finally reached its destination, as it grasped hold of Tom's soft cock through his underwear. At the sudden touch, Tom groaned out in pleasure as his member grew to its full size in Hailee's hand.

"Fuck... Too long!" Tom groans as Hailee squeezes his cock in her hand.

"Well then come with me." Hailee says as she tugs on his cock, not letting it go as she walks back out into the hallway.

Too focused on the intense mixture of pleasure and pain on his cock, Tom was only able to utter sharp, staggered breaths as Hailee brought him towards the entrance of the building. It was there that the security guard, Dion, sat looking at his computer. As the 6' African Americaan guard saw Hailee and Tom walking up to him, he stood up to face them, but what shocked by what he saw.

"Is everything alright?" He asks, but at the same time can't help but get a semi as he sees the gorgeous starlet's hand attached to Tom's cock.

"Actually, no." Hailee says as she stands in front of the desk, looking at Dion, "I've got only two holes to fill and 1 cock, would you mind helping me out?"

Hesitant, as this could be a test with his landlord standing right there, Dion replies,

"I don't know ma'am. In the lobby? What if someone..." His voice trails off, as its pretty clear what he's talking about.

"Well then it's a good thing I've got a mouth too then!" Hailee replies as, finally, she releases her grasp on Tom's cock.

He breathes a sigh of relief, but not for long as Hailee tugs down his boxers, freeing his 7 inch cock. Looking back at Dion with her puppy dog eyes, Hailee says,

"Tom's got a nice cock, but you know what they say, two heads is better than one!"

"Ah, fuck it!" Dion says, as he starts to undo his pants as he walks over to Hailee and Tom.

Grabbing his hand, Hailee leads Tom over to the sofa, pushing him down onto his back as Dion walked up behind Hailee, his 10 inch cock hanging between his legs. Giving him a kiss, Hailee affectionately tells him,

"I'm gonna get started with Tom, then you come in baby, OK?"

Not really giving him a choice, Hailee walks over to Tom and grabs hold of his cock, giving it a nice couple strokes. Once she's got the lay of the land, she climbs onto the sofa and slowly impales herself with the rock solid cock. Finding something to do in his isolation, Dion walks up next to Hailee and helps rid her of her fascade for clothing, in the form of the Seahawks jersey. Hailee quickly builds a rhythem, as Tom begs for a chance to get his hands on Hailee's perky tits. She finally gives in as she builds a steady pace, and leans over so her and Tom are parallel, giving Dion his opening. With his cock in hand, Dion climbs onto the couch, and lines it up with Hailee's tight sphincter.

"Fuck!!!" She screams out as Dion shoves his entire length up her ass.

Hailee can feel a twinge of pleasure run through her, as she finally feeds her desire. The two men ream her holes, showing no mercy, just as he likes it.


Tom plays with her fun bags as Dion, showing a bit of wild side, spanks Hailee's ass as he pumps in and out of her. Unfortuantely, she can tell that the fuck session is really wearing on Tom, as the lack of interactions is gonna lead to an early blow up. But she wanted to push, and knew exactly how to do it.

"Come on baby," She whispered into his ear, "Fuck my pussy good, fill it with your sticky cum. I want it soooo bad."

"Ahhh, Fuck! I'M CUMMING!!!" Tom screamed as he pumped his cock in and out of Hailee, his cum exploding inside her, leaking out of her and dripping down his now rapidly softening cock.

With his mind still weighing on his wife, Tom got out from under Hailee and exited in shame, back to his apartment. Now, with her all to himself, Dion really took control. He shoved her head into the sofa as he leveraged himself higher up, reaching all new areas of Hailee's tight ass.

"You fucking love this bitch, don't you?!?!?!" He screamed out at her as he stretched her asshole to new girths.

"I sure as hell do!" A voice said from the doorway, catching the attention of both Hailee and Dion.

Dion was astonished to see the one and only Selena Gomez standing in the doorway, while Hailee was happy to see her good friend.


So distracted by Selena's entrance, Dion completely forgot what he was doing, with his cock still buried halfway into Hailee's ass.

"Don't mind me baby, keep going!" Selena encourages Dion was she walks up next to him.

Realizing that he stopped his raid on Hailee's tight ass, Dion pushed back in, keeping one eye on Selena as he did so. His cock began to ache as the gorgeous brunette wrapped her arms around him, hugging him tightly as she started whispering in his ear,

"I bet you really want to cum right now, don't you? Her ass has got to be like a vice on you right now, just begging to be filled with that hot, sticky cum. Go on baby, give it to her. You can just see that she's dying for it. Tell you what, if you spill your seed inside her in the next 10 seconds, I'll clean your cock off myself. So come on, baby, fuck her good!"

Selena starts her countdown, as Dion reaches another gear and starts pounding Hailee's asshole with no abandon. Hailee shreaks as Selena sits back and watches her product go to work, with only 5 seconds left, Selena was starting to get worried that Dion wouldn't make her time crunch, but with two seconds left, he pulled through,

"FUCKKKK!!!" Her screams as cum floods Hailee's asshole, pouring out onto the sofa.

Selena quickly gets down on her knees, hoping to get some of the good stuff while it was still shooting out. And boy did she, Dion slipped his cock out of Hailee's ass just as another rope shock out, landing across Selena's eyelid. But rather than focusing on that, Selena took the softening cock in her mouth, instantly taking in the familiar taste of Hailee's ass.

Meanwhile, the Hailee lay withering on the couch, completely unknown to the pair. The white gas slowly escaped from her body, as in it's wake she was replaced with the power of 1000 orgasms, sending her body into overload as her pussy squirts all over the lobby. Only able to handle the first few seconds, Hailee is knocked unconscious by the overwhelming pleasure as her pussy continues leaking juices out onto the couch.

Meanwhile, the alien gas seeps along the floor, approaching Selena down on her knees. Unfortunately, she never sees it coming as it hides behind Dion's leg as it reaches eye level, before in one swift more fills her nostrils. Selena's body is sent into shock as her mouth suddenly clamps down on Dion's cock.

"FUCKKK!!!" He screams as Selena spasms beneath him.

Selena does her best to fight the intrusion, but it's only a matter of seconds before the alien now has control of her. That's when she releases Dion from her mouth, and he runs off screaming about his cock bleeding. Selena wipes the blood and cum off her mouth, as she heads out onto the street.

She needs something to quell her desire for some cock, so she went to the only place she knows where she can guarantee a fuck, Taylor Swift's house. She jumped in the nearest cab, but as she pulled up to Taylor's house, she realized that she doesn't have any money on her. With her desire growing more and more, Selena gave the driver one of her sloppiest (but his best) blow jobs. So with the taste of cum on her tongue, and a pussy burning with desire, she rushed into Taylor's house.

In her rush, Selena hadn't noticed that Taylor's car wasn't in the driveway, so using her key, she was disappointed to find that Taylor wasn't home. However, she wouldn't let the trip go to waste, as she headed straight for Taylor's servant quarters. There were many theories about Taylor's dominance of female celebrities, and Selena knew first hand that all of them were true. As she walked in the door all eyes in the room turned to her. It was filled with 15-20 topless male models, all hired by Taylor to use for herself or her fellow females. This was exactly was Selena needed, but the only problem is that the men are under strict instructions not to fuck anyone else Taylor says so.

"Okay boys, with my birthday coming up, Taylor's decided to give me you, so have at me!" She announces as she tears off her skirt and top, leaving her in only her bra and panties.


The guys look around at each other, until finally one walks over to Selena, on all fours, and pulls out his rock hard cock. Tugging her panties down, he shoves his cock up her pussy as some of the the other guys start approaching. Just as Selena starts to get used to the cock stuffed in her pussy someone shoves a behemouth of a cock right up her ass, which would've sent her screamed had another cock not been jammed into her mouth, as she gets face fucked while she jerks off two other cocks with her hands. She can hardly see past the big body in front her, roughly face fucking her but she can make out what appears to be another 10 guys standing around with their cocks out, waiting their turns. This was exactly what Selena needed, as guy after guy pounded her pussy and ass, until it overflowed with their cum. She could feel her desire being filled, it seems that she's just about quenched her hunger. That is, until Taylor walked in,

"What the fuck!?!?!" She screamed as all the guys in the room stopped what they were doing, and looked at their master.


"If everyone doesn't get out of Selena and leave this room within the next 3 seconds, you're all fired!!!" She yelled at them as the guys rushed out of the room, not even bothering to put their clothes back on.

With no cocks left, Selena felt that familiar emptiness that she's been feeling since she met Hailee. The alien needed a new body, with Selena all used up, it checked Taylor for compatibility. But something was different about her, she was already dying for cock at every second, using her wouldn't do anything, so it was time to move on. The white gas escaped from Selena mouth and into the air, out onto the streets of Hollywood. In it's wake lay Selena Gomez, undergoing the most surreal sexual experience of her life as Taylor eyes her with envy. But now, it was time for the parasite to find it's next host.


 Post subject: Re: Celebrity Parasite
PostPosted: January 8th, 2017, 6:41 pm 
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Great story so far glad someone started it hope there's more

 Post subject: Re: Celebrity Parasite
PostPosted: January 9th, 2017, 1:24 am 
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Pretty cool story!

 Post subject: Re: Celebrity Parasite
PostPosted: January 11th, 2017, 12:01 pm 
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besides Selena part too short for me, i like this. please continue. Was very excellent

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