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 Post subject: At Last: Fucking Janice
PostPosted: January 1st, 2017, 4:14 am 
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Derrick looked across the classroom at the girl who had been the focus of his love and lust for the last few years. He eyed her closely, but to anybody looking it seemed as if he was busy reading a book. He had long since perfected the art of looking with seeming to, and he found it very useful.

He looked at her, her pale skin and long black hair. She was shorter than average at 156cm, but absolutely stunning. He sighed heavily. A few years prior, he had been lucky enough to date her but his insecurities had driven her away. He felt a stiffening in his pants as he remembered how close they had been, the embraces they had had, and the passionate kisses they shared.

He gritted his teeth in annoyance. It had never ventured beyond kissing before it ended and he was left frustrated. He forced himself to take several deep breaths to calm down and get his body under control. Once he was no longer irritated, he began breathing normally.

He looked at her, the way she covered her mouth as she laughed, the way her breasts bounced softly as she walked, constrained by a bra. His secretive gaze of her was interrupted by the bell signalling the end of break. He sighed one last time and organised his table for lessons.

Her name was Janice, and he was extremely attracted to her. The only problem was, she wasn't as attracted to him as he was to her. He doubted she had any feelings left for him, but he wanted desperately to at least fuck her once before they graduated. He was 18 and had remained a virgin in the hopes that she would do so too.

He knew she had remained a virgin, because of how almost everyone called her a prude. She was sitting diagonally in front of him during their next lesson, Biology, and he noticed something strange.

As he looked at her, he saw her constantly fidgeting in her seat. Her thighs would occasionally rub against each other and he could barely see that she was biting her lip.

He was shocked, it seemed as if Janice was horny. He smirked and turned his attention back to the biology lecture going on. As the lecturer droned on and on, he got bored and returned to gazing at Janice.

She was still doing the same thing, but with a greater urgency. He smiled to himself and shoved his water bottle of the table. It landed loudly on the floor and caused the lecturer to stare at him.

After realising nothing had happened, the lecturer continued on but Janice couldn't. She had turned around to identify the source of the noise and had momentarily made eye contact with him. His face had been carefully composed, as it always was when they looked at each other. But this time, her instincts warned her that he knew what she had been doing and feeling.

She felt panic rising up in her and she forced her to stop trying to relieve her horniness during the lecture. She couldn't risk him actually asking her about it. She had her pride, after all.

He noticed that she suddenly became as still as a statue, only her arm moving to copy down notes. He smiled. Her cessation of motion proved that she had something to hide, namely that she had been masturbating. Now he had vague ideas of a plan he could implement to finally fuck her. The plan quickly took shape and before the lecture was over, he was ready.

Janice felt herself getting more and more sexually frustrated. She felt the urge to just start fingering herself, but she had to control herself. She couldn't risk exposing herself. And so, her tension built up steadily. All according to his plan, of course.

Once the lecture was over, everybody got up to pack except Janice and him. He was feigning being asleep and she was slowly packing all of her stationery. She took her time and moved slowly so she had everything, not rushing because she had no more lectures or classes to attend.

She glanced back at the sleeping teen and began to walk away as the classroom just emptied. Just as she reached the door, she felt a hand wrap around her wrist. She glanced back and saw that it was him gripping her wrist.

She glared at him and snapped out "Let me go, we're not dating anymore. You have no right to touch me."

He smiled and let go, but not before getting a sentence in, "How bad is the tension? Is it eating you up? Is masturbation enough to sate your hunger for release?"

Janice froze, knowing she had been caught. She looked at him with panic and alarm in her eyes. Her limbs momentarily turned to jelly, and he used that moment to pull her in close in a hug, pressing his rock hard cock into her wet cunt.

Janice felt the pressure and felt herself getting wetter and wetter. She swallowed in anxiety, she didn't want to fuck him, but his cock felt so good, even separated from her cunt by his jeans.

Without thinking, her hands dropped to his jeans. She unbuckled his belt and dropped his jeans down to floor. She saw the obvious tent in his underwear and got even more aroused.

Just as she was about to kneel down, he gripped her arms and stopped her. She looked up at him confused, at least until he shifted his grip to the hem of her shirt and lifted it off over her head. She went along it, desperate to get fucked, her horniness preventing all rational thought.

She was left in a black bra hugging her pale 34B breasts. He reached one hand to her bra hook and unhooked it while simultaneously kicking the door to shut it and sliding a nearby broom to jam the door and get some privacy.

He stepped back and stripped off his shirt to reveal a hard muscled body. He stepped forward again and pressed his lips against hers. He felt her groan into the kiss as her diamond hard pink nipples rubbed against his chest.

His hands were cupping her face, but he quickly changed it to her jeans. He unbuttoned them and quickly forced it down her legs. She stepped out of them to reveal matching black panties, not that he noticed. He was still wrapped up in their make out session.

He had forced his tongue into her mouth and was using it to roughly press and shove against her own tongue. He was clearly dominating their make out session, her body was arched back in response to his bending over hers. His tongue had subdued hers, and she barely put up a fight anymore.

Derrick gripped her panties in his hand and tore them apart without a second thought, exposing her vagina. Janice was naturally more hairy than others, her arms and legs had significant hair growth, but her cunt lips had hair growing over them.

Her pubic hair was soaking wet from how turned on Janice was. He found this out when his hand brushed her cunt briefly to test if she was ready. To his delight, she was. He squeezed her firm ass cheeks and lifted her up on to the lecturer's table.

She lay flat down on it, her hands just laying on the table. She was helpless in the face of how turned on she was. He mounted the table and knelt down, spreading her legs by placing his between them. He placed his hands next to her head and looked her in the eyes.

She felt her vagina getting wetter, with some of her fluids leaking out on to the table, creating a small puddle. She saw the lust in his eyes and felt herself getting flushed. There was no turning back, not anymore.

He aligned his manhood with her pussy and slowly thrust in until he felt the barrier of her hymen. He paused to look down at her, and there was tender care and concern in his eyes. He didn't want to force this on her, he wanted her to want it.

Janice hesitated but eventually reached up to grab his neck and pulled him down into a kiss. Derrick
widened his eyes in shock, but returned the kiss. He took this as her decision, so without a moment's hesitation, he pulled out and thrust back in, hard. He broke her hymen and Janice let out a groan of pain into the kiss.

He groaned out at the sudden tightness around his dick, and he paused to let her get used to the pain. After a few moments, the pain subsided and Janice let go of his neck to fall back on the table. Her nails had left scratch marks on his neck and her fingers had left bruises, not that either of them cared.

Janice bit her lip and gave him a nod, telling him to continue. Derrick bent over her and began to kiss her neck. Janice let out a soft groan of pleasure just as he pulled out slightly and slammed his cock all the way in. He bottomed out in her soaking wet cunt, and she let out a loud shriek.

Derrick's head snapped up in alarm, listening for the sounds of anyone approaching, his dick still lodged all the wat inside her cunt. He listened attentively, but when he couldn't hear any sounds, he deemed it safe to continue.

He gripped her legs at her hamstrings and lifted her legs up on to his shoulders. He bent her at the waist until she let out a whimper of pain. He eased off slightly before beginning to fuck her. He made smooth, deliberate thrusts into her cunt was rewarded with Janice's soft groans and moans.

Her arms were lying at her side, leaving her breasts free to bounce in time with his thrusts. They were firm and the way they bounced was a huge turn on to him.

He decided to kick things up a notch, and so he began to vary the timing of his thrusts. He would alternate hard and fast strokes with slow strokes. He felt her slick but virginally tight cunt squeezing his cock, trying to bring him to climax.

Janice felt the warm, rock hard member in her body and felt herself being brought closer and closer to orgasm. Sweat was rolling down her forehead, her hamstrings burned in protest from being stretched, but she loved every minute of it.

Her groans grew louder in frequency and pitch as she grew closer to climax. Derrick feltfelt his climax and approaching as well and he lost any desire to control his thrusts. He slammed his dick in hard and fast without any attention to pacing it. He became exceedingly rough, although he let her legs drop from his shoulders.

He lay down on top of her, making out with her and biting on her lip. One of his hands went to her right breast and squeezed and groped it, caressing it. His other hand went to her ass, which he stroked and squeezed. Her boobs were pressed firm against his rock hard chest.

The firm softness was exquisite and he loved the way her body felt underneath his, so warm, soft and slicked with sweat. He slammed his cock down into her pussy, causing her to almost scream. With gravity's help, he was brushing her cervix almost every time, giving extra pleasure.

He kept this up, giving her no mercy or time to rest. Eventually, they both reached their respective climaxes.

Derrick ran his hand through her long, smooth, black hair and when he went over the edge, he yanked on it firmly, causing Janice to scream. His other hand was still on her right breast, but he tightened his grip on it and squeezed it tightly.

Sweat dripped down from his head on to her breasts, with the sweat droplets rolling down her firm tits in return. At the same time, his cum was being splattered inside her cunt. He filled it up with 7 jets of cum, causing it to overflow. His cum shot onto her cervix, triggering her climax.

Her back arched up and her hands flew to his neck, scratching it deeply, leaving small blood trails. She let out a scream of pleasure and her cunt contracted again and again around his cock, squeezing it and prolonging his climax. Her whole body tensed for almost a full minute before she dropped back on to the table, panting.

Her whole body twitched and jerked for a few minutes after, aftershocks from her orgasm. When she finally regained control, her cunt relaxed its grip on his cock and he pulled out reluctantly.

He rolled over on to his back, lying next to her on the table. They were both panting, but they soon recovered and got up, dressing quickly. Without speaking a word to each other, they left the lecture theatre.

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At Last Chapter 2

Derrick reached home, exhilarated by how his day had gone. He had fucked Janice, the girl he had wanted for years. He drummed his fingers on the table impatiently, thinking about what was going to happen next. They could return to the status quo or.... They could do something much more interesting.

As he thought about it, he realised that he had enjoyed fucking Janice up her tight cunt. He wanted to do it again, and so he began to think about how he could go about doing it. He had a feeling it would be much easier, now that the first step had been taken. But still, he needed to plan each step so he didn't make a mistake.

He enjoyed fucking her, but he wanted to claim her ass and her mouth and her boobs while he was at it. He thought for a while and finally a plan came to mind. All he needed to do, was wait until Monday came. It was going to be along weekend for him...

Monday came, and Derrick left for school, a plan in his mind. He was going to fuck Janice once again and he refused to allow anything to stop him.

There was a slight problem, however. Janice had gone from ignoring him, to avoiding him entirely. They subconsciously knew each others schedules and she was taking pains not to see him. He gritted his teeth in annoyance during 5th period, once he realised what she was doing.

He had been waiting to fuck her the whole weekend and was extremely frustrated and tense. He forced himself to breathe deeply and calm down, knowing that he had to be very strategic in his movements. He thought carefully about his timetable.

He knew that her movement patterns had changed because if their fuck the previous Friday, but he didn't know how to work around it. He eventually realised that she would have to stay back for track training, and that she would have expected him to have left by then because he never stayed late if he could help it.

He decided to wait until her training finished to confront her. He drummed his fingers on the table in a show of impatience as the seconds ticked by until he could fuck her again.

Janice, meanwhile, was extremely tense. She had fucked Derrick. She had done it and enjoyed it, but she was unsure of what was going to happen next. He had cum in her, but it wasn't her fertile period so she hadn't gotten pregnant, but she knew that she had to be careful.

She avoided him, knowing that if she saw him, her body would go haywire. She would feel extra embarrassed and horny all at once. It was how she had felt after the first fuck they had had. And so, she chose to alter her regular patterns in favour of staying somewhat sane the whole day.

As school ended, and DerrickDerrick had yet to approach her, she breathed a sigh of relief. It was track training time, and by 7pm when it finished, she was confident she wouldn't have to see him again until the next say.

Training passed in a blur and soon it was over. She walked back slowly to the girls locker room, aching and sweating all over. She had stayed extra late, deciding to get in some extra practice on her own. She walked in to an empty locker room, everyone had already left.

As she walked to her locker, and stripped off her sweat-soaked tank top, revealing her equally stained grey sports bra. She pulled off her bra as well, letting her breasts bounce freely and get fresh air for the first time in hours.

As she was about to open her locker, she felt someone behind her. She turned around and let out a scream as she saw Derrick standing behind her. He was topless, his body gleaming from sweat as well. He smiled at her and stood up. He was wearing basketball shorts, and his erection was painfully obvious.

She stepped back, but walked right into the lockers. She paled and stuttered out "What... What do you want...?"

DerrickDerrick stayed where he was and sat down on the bench. He had a bemused smile on his face and answered "You, of course." He was slightly distracted because of the sweat that glistened on her face and ran down her arms and neck. He could see the way her leg muscles jumped from fatigue, her butterfly-cut shorts barely covering anything.

He saw her chest heaving from exertion and fear, the way it made her lovely breasts move up and down. He saw the way her legs kept brushing against each other, subtly rubbing her pussy lips. He knew she was tired and aroused. He knew it was going to be easy.

He took one step closer just as Janice spoke up, her nervousness all too obvious. "Stay back. I... What happened was a mistake. It can't happen again. It won't happen again." Her voice shook as she said it, and she subconsciously licked her lips as she got a closer look of his ripped upper body.

Derrick stopped an arm's length from her and asked, "If you don't want it to happen, then why are you still standing there? Why haven't you run? And also... Why are your nipples so hard and stiff?" He had leaned in closer, and had whispered the last question into her ear. He caught the scent of her sweat combined with her natural smell, and it was intoxicating to him.

He was momentarily dazed and cursed himself before returning back to the present. He caught only a part of her reply "... Doesn't mean it can happen again." He could see the look on her face and knew she was torn between being satisfied and avoiding falling into sin... Again.

He guessed that she had said that just because she wanted it didn't mean she could let it happen. He sighed mentally and told her, "We both want it. Is it really so wrong? I know you want this, and you know I want it as well. Let's just..."

He left his sentence unfinished and went on to bend down to kiss her. He slammed his palms against the lockers as he bent down. His arms acted as barricades that prevented her from moving away, not that she was inclined to. At first her mouth remained closed, but as she felt the warmth and softness of his lips against hers, her mouth opened and she began to return the kiss.

He groaned into the kiss and stepped closer, pressing his body against hers. Their sweaty bodies pressed together against the locker, and he gripped her thighs, lifting her up. She grabbed onto his neck in a tight grip, returning the kiss. They made out like that for a couple of minutes until he felt the burn in his thighs from supporting both of their weights.

He lay her down gently on a bench, but she got up almost immediately and dropped to her knees at his feet. He saw the look of lust and desire and unbridled need in her eyes, and decided to let her take control for awhile. She gripped his shorts and underwear and yanked them unceremoniously to the ground.

She stared for awhile at his rock hard 7-inch cock. She had never seen a cock so close before, and it seemed huge to her. It was as thick as a banana and as hard as steel. She swallowed nervously. She lifted up her hands to grip it and felt its girth and stiffness. She stroked it in amazement.

Her grip was tight and as she stroked up and down it caused Derrick to let out a groan. As she looked at his manhood, she leaned over and caught a whiff. It had musky smell to it, and she couldn't resist opening her mouth to take it in.

As her mouth began to engulf his cock, Derrick gritted his teeth in agony. He needed to cum badly. He had been saving himself over the weekend and now he was feeling the effects. In spite of this, he was determined not to cum until he had gotten her to give him a great blowjob..

Janice slowly bobbed her head up and down his cock, staining it with her saliva. She had never had something so warm, so hard, so stiff in her mouth before and she was savouring the experience. She took in about half of it before coming back up. She repeated this again and again, but it didn't seem to impress Derrick.

He looked at her and gently urged her on. "Go on. Take more of it in." Janice heard the prompting and slowly tried to force more of his cock in. She reached about 5 inches before she felt his cock touch the back of her throat. She felt her gag reflex kick in, but she struggled to control it. She pulled off of his clock and took a few moments to fight the reflex.

Derrick looked at her and let out an inaudible sigh. Once she was ready, she went back onto his cock. She bobbed her head up and down, refusing to take more than 5 inches in. She had increased the pace, but it wasn't nearly great enough. He decided to prompt her more "Lick up and down. You can lick the hole if you want to. You can even try to take it all in again."

Janice pulled her mouth of his dick and began to rub it slowly, her saliva functioned as excellent lube. As she rubbed it up and down, she felt herself drawn to his pisshole. She carefully licked it once then twice and this caused him to shiver. He groaned out "Oh yeahhh..."

She smiled and went back to sucking him. She alternated between rubbing, sucking and licking and Derrick felt his climax coming. He desperately wanted her to deepthroat him before he came, so he decided to take over.

He gripped the back of her head, using her sweaty hair as handholds. She had originally been bent over slightly, but he pulled her so she was sitting upright. With his cock in her mouth, he began to slowly push his cock further and further inside. Once he reached the 5 inch mark, he continued to push on.

Janice felt the rock hard member touch the back of her throat and keep moving, triggering her gag reflex. She felt him keep moving forward and tried her best to fight the gag reflex. She struggled hard but eventually succeeded and DerrickDerrick continued to force his cock all the way in.

He pushed in until he was buried to the hilt and Janice's nose was buried in his sweaty pubic hair. Janice let out a groan, which caused pleasant vibrations around his cock. He pulled out slightly but still remained in her throat, allowing her to get used to it.

Once he judged that enough time had passed, he began to move in and out of her throat. He pulled out of her throat and thrust back in, remaining in control. It was hard for Janice to control her gag reflex but she fought very hard to do so.

He increased the pace until he was face-fucking her hard and fast. He treated her mouth like a normal pussy and thrust in and out. Janice, meanwhile, began slobbering uncontrollably over his cock. As he pulled out, strands of saliva would cling to it and some drool would fall out of her mouth and run down her chin to fall on her exposed breasts.

Janice groaned and moaned during the blowjob, exciting him and bringing him closer to orgasm. He loved the way her cute nose kept getting pushed into pubic hair. Sweat droplets ran down her face and her face slowly began to turn red as he kept invading her throat and depriving her of oxygen.

Soon, her deepthroating caused him to reach his climax and he couldn't resist shoving his dick all the way down her throat, mashing her face into his pubes. She groaned out in complaint but was powerless to so anything. Her face turned red as he pumped his load down her throat. She felt sweat drop from his body onto her face, turning her on even more.

He groaned out as he came down her throat, and he pulled out when he was halfway done, filling her mouth with cum. He pulled out of her mouth with 3 spurts left and let them out to cover her face. Janice panted from oxygen deprivation, her face slowly going from red back to its normal pale tone.

She had forced herself to swallow the cum in a hurry and hadn't had time to actually taste it. She felt the the cum on her face, some on her nose some on her forehead and some on her lips, dripping down to her chin. She hesitantly gathered them up with her fingers and placed them in her mouth.

Derrick eyed her expectantly, and saw her expression slowly change to one of pleasant surprise. She hadn't expected to enjoy the taste of cum so much, but Derrick's tasted slightly salty but bitter and she enjoyed the combination. She stood up shakily and sat on the bench, and Derrick admired the way that simple motion caused her pale boobs to bounce.

He dropped to his knees and gripped her shorts and panties, pulling them off. He also grabbed her shoes and socks and removed them, with Janice lifting her legs up to make the job easier. He smiled and gripped her sweaty armpits, lifting her up to her feet before turning her around.

She found herself facing the lockers, and she felt DerrickDerrick press her upper back down until she was leaning forward. She raised her hands and pressed them against the lockers, sweat trickling down her forehead and breasts and dropping on to the floor. Besides the harsh panting of the two of them, the sound of sweat hitting the ground was the only other sound in the room.

She felt Derrick lining up his once again hard cock with her soaking wet cunt. Janice swallowed in anticipation and licked her lips. She felt his stiff cock head pressing against her pussy lips and willed him to keep moving.

She let out a soft groan as he began to push his way in. She felt his cock forcing her pussy walls to move apart, forcing its way inside of her. He felt her cunt giving way to his dick, just as it had 3 days earlier. He moved his hands from her armpits to her waist, gripping it tightly in spite of how slick her sweat made it.

He used this grip to push himself even further inside of her. He was relentless in his entry, always thrusting in, never pulling out. He kept up his non-stop pushing, feeling her cunt squeeze more and more or his cock, feeling her pussy juices coating more and more of his cock. He let out a low groan as he finally bottomed out in her love canal.

He was all the way in, and his cock head just brushed her cervix, almost triggering her climax. He pulled out almost all the way, leaving only the head inside. He paused momentarily before jerking his pelvis forward and pulling back on her waist. He slammed his cock all the way, smacking his crotch against her firm, toned and sweaty ass causing a resounding "SMACK" to echo through the empty room.

His cock rammed into her cervix causing Janice to scream out as she reached her climax. She slammed her palms against the metal lockers, causing hollow slams to be heard. Her back arched and she thrust her tits out, causing sweat to fly from them. Her ass dropped as her back arched and she arched her head up to the roof as she screamed.

"OH FUCK ME! FUCK!" She cried out in sheer ecstasy as she reached her climax. She came and a large amount of cum flowed out of her cunt, forming a puddle of cum, her cum, on the floor. Her cunt walls tightened insanely around his dick, but he didn't feel the need to cum. He had just done so, after all.

He waited for her climax to subside, his cock still lodged all the way inside her vagina. Once her screams faded to rough panting and her body sagged, he began to thrust again. His thrusts were rough and hard, suiting the locker room atmosphere they were in.

He shifted his grip from her waist to her tits, grabbing them as handholds. He felt the firm titflesh in his hands, he felt the way her breasts would give when he squeezed hard enough. He felt the shudder run through her as he groped her boobs, he heard the groans of joy she gave as he played with her nipples.

He smiled and continued to slam fuck her. He was utterly merciless, and that was just how she wanted it. He pulled out and slammed back in, causing her ass to ripple, dragging shrieks from Janice. Her shrieks increased in pitch and volume as she felt her climax approaching once again.

As Janice felt her climax approaching, her legs turned to jelly and she collapsed to the floor, kneeling down. Her head rested against the cold metal of the lockers and she continued to groan out loud against it. She was even drooling on the locker as shrieks were pulled out so often she couldn't close her mouth to swallow.

Even though she collapsed to her knees, Derrick refused to stop fucking her. He just knelt down behind her and continued to slam fuck her. He moved his hands from her tits to her arms, lifting them up above her head and pinning them against the locker door. He pressed his body against her sweaty, shining back, admiring the feel of her body against his.

The cold of the metal rubbing against her hyper sensitive nipples almost brought her to the edge, and when he bent down to lick her armpits, a fetish of his, she came. She had a secret fetish for armpits, and she hadn't expected that Derrick would have the same kink. The surprise and shock of his action, coupled with her enjoyment of it, brought her over the edge.

She came again, and her cunt tightened inexorably around his cock once more. Once more, his cock was bathed in her cum. This time, however, he had the salty taste of Janice in his mouth, coupled with the knowledge that he had just managed to bring a girl to climax while satisfying his strange kink.

This was a huge turn on for him and when he felt the newly increased tightness, he came for the second time that night.

The two had their second climax together. Janice's back arched and her stiff nipples dragged along the cool metal locker door. Her sweat rubbed off on the metal door and she groaned against it. Her groans quickly gave way to a high pitched shriek of ecstasy.

Derrick thrust all the way in and came once again inside of her, splattering her walls with cum. He nibbled briefly on her neck, tasting her sweat once more before inclining his head to look at the ceiling to let out a low growl.

Eventually, their climaxes both ended, and the two collapsed on to the floor of the locker room, panting. Derrick recovered quicker than Janice, and lifted her up and carried her to a bench to recover instead of lying on the dirty floor. She panted as their combined cum slowly trickled our of her vagina.

He sat down next to her on the bench until she recovered. And then she sat up slowly and stiffly before whispering, "I need a shower..."

DerrickDerrick smiled and looked at her as she got up and walked to her locker to grab her towel, change of clothes and soap. As she walked, he admired the way her leg muscles tensed and relaxed, the way her ass cheeks bounced with each step, the way her firm tits jiggled slightly. As she walked towards the showers, limping slightly from being exhausted, Derrick got up and followed her to the toilet.

She walked into the shower and just as she was about to close the door, she saw him following her. She smiled and held the door open for him until he entered. Janice then closed the door behind them. As the shower began running, low groans and moans could be heard coming out of the showers. Luckily, it was too late in the night and nobody heard anything.

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:D this is an amazing story i really really hope this continues you did a fantastic job writing it :D

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At Last Chapter 3: Jamay Loh


The next day, Gavin returned to school and to his surprise, Janice was no longer avoiding him. They had very frequent eye-contact, with knowing glances from him and blushes from her being exchanged. Over the course of the next few weeks, they met to have the occasional quickie which ended with him painting her tits or face with his cum.

Eventually they returned to their former degree of closeness.

One day, they were sitting together in History class when a relief teacher walked in, Mrs Jamay Loh. Gavin looked at her in surprise. She had been his teacher when he first entered the school at 16, and here she was again. He felt a stirring in his pants, he had had many a boner thinking about fucking her.

She was tanned, wearing a tight fitting pink tank top with grey jeans. As she moved, her tits bounced within the confines of her shirt, causing his dick to stiffen slightly. She stood in front of the class, her brown hair tied up in a ponytail

Mrs Loh began to speak. "Good morning, Class. I'm your relief teacher for the day, Mrs Loh. I'll be showing you extracts from a movie titled Letters From Iwo Jima about...."

As he looked at her and began to rethink all of his old fantasies of her, he felt the dick stiffen and reach full mast, pressing unbearably against his jeans. He clenched his fist slightly, but just enough that Janice noticed. She looked at him and looked down at his crotch area, seeing the obvious tent there.

She smiled and whispered sluttily "I could help you with that... If you want...." Gavin looked at her and nodded briefly.
Without another word, Janice's left hand snaked out to his crotch, pulling his zipper down. She reached in and pulled his underwear down and extricated his cock from his pants. She gripped it at its base and stroked it slowly but surely.

Gavin felt her firm grip around his cock, sliding up and down again and again. He stifled a groan at the increased pleasure, but was inwardly grateful. He had turned Janice into a horny woman and he was glad he had done so. She was willing to pleasure him whenever, wherever.

Mrs Loh had turned off the room lights to screen the film, and she then moved to sit down at her desk to watch the movie. Janice saw that she was distracted and smiled. They were in the back row and it was the perfect opportunity for her to blow him and get a load of his cum.

She dropped to her knees behind the table and wrapped her lips around his thick cock. She groaned in pleasure as her tongue licked and got a taste of him and the small amount of salty precum that had spilt out.

She bobbed her head up and down, warming up her jaw in preparation for the deep throat to come. As he felt her warm and moist mouth go over his manhood, Gavin clenched his fists in agony. It was hard holding back his groans of pleasure.

She paused at the top of his cock and took a deep breath before slamming her mouth down onto him. She felt the pressure of his meat against the back of her throat and fought through the momentary discomfort to force him all the way in.
he had given him many blowjobs since her first time, and she has gotten more and more skilled at it. She would trap his cock in her mouth most of the time, taking breaks from deepthroating him to lick his balls eagerly. She slid a hand down in to her jeans and began to finger her wet cunt, the public and dangerous nature of their act turning her on.

He dropped a hand down to the top of her head, gently stroking her hair as she blew him. He loved the way her throat constricted around his cock, the way her tongue lapped away at him, the warm wetness that bathed his manhood.

As she moved up and down, he felt his climax approaching and let out a low moan and tapped her on her cheek. That was the signal for her to lift her head off. Janice obediently moved her head off his cock and began to stroke him eagerly. She used the hand she had been fingering herself with to unbutton her blouse and pull her bra cups down, exposing them to the cold air.

Her nipples stiffened immediately, just as she felt his cock stiffen even more. She pointed his cock at her exposed tits and she smiled as he sprayed his load all over her breasts. He released a large load, coating her tits in his white cum. She felt the warm sticky fluid layering her breasts and smiled in pleasure.

She staying kneeling for a while longer, and prepared to wipe his cum off. She was stopped by him shaking his head, and realised that he wanted her to be marked by his sperm all day. She smiled and just pulled her bra up, re-buttoning her blouse.

She returned to her seat, still frustrated as her desire to cum had not been met. Gavin leaned over to whisper to her "Meet me in the netball room 20 minutes after class is over. I have a treat for you."

Janice smiled in anticipation and whispered back "Alright. You better."

Once class was over, Janice went off to the pre-arranged meeting point while Gavin went off to seduce Mrs Jamay Loh. It was the last class of the day, and he stayed back after everyone else had left. Mrs Loh was busy packing up her equipment and had taken a very long time to finish.

Gavin waited until the classroom was empty except for him and her, and he quickly approached her. He stopped in front of her and exclaimed "Hi Mrs Loh!"

Mrs Loh looked up in surprise and took awhile before replying "Oh... Hi Gavin! How are you?"

Gavin smiled and replied "I'm fine. You?"

She smiled back hesitantly and said "I'm fine as well. Did you like the lesson?"

He hesitated before stating "No, I was actually quite bored."

Mrs Loh stared at him with a knowing look "Oh I don't doubt that. How was the blowjob?"

Gavin looked at her, stunned. "How did you...?"

She gave a crooked grin and said "You're hardly the first one to have an orgasm in class. In fact, I'm envious. You actually manage to cum. I rarely do."

Gavin eyed her warily, before deciding to ask more. "Well... What happened to your husband? Doesn't he satisfy you...?"

Mrs Loh shook her head in bitter disappointment "He barely lasts long enough to make me cum. He thrusts into me and barely 3 minutes later he cums and rolls over to sleep. It disgusts me. I know I'm 40, but I need to cum too!" She ranted.

Gavin knew that he was lucky to find this out, and decided to capitalise on it. "Well, you sound like you need some fun. How about I help you?"

She hesitated. She shouldn't even have mentioned what was going on to him. She shouldn't take up his offer. But then she looked down at his crotch and saw his cock, sticking out against his pants leg. It was rock hard, and it ran down his pants leg.

She did some rough estimation and it had to be at least 7 inches, and extremely thick. She gulped. She knew it was a mistake, but she needed cock and she needed to cum. She leaned over to him and whispered "Okay."

Gavin smiled and whispered back "Netball room. 5 minutes." And with that, he walked off to the netball room to get things ready.

He reached the room and found Janice waiting there, dressed only in a her cum-stained bra and soaking wet panties. He leant down to kiss her and quickly went over what was going to happen. She looked doubtful, angry even. But she decided to go along with it.

"So I'm going to fuck Jamay Loh in all her holes, it's been my dream for a long time. You're going to help me film it as blackmail material. And once I'm done with her, I'll have fun with you. Deal?"

Janice nodded and took out her phone, preparing to record the following sex scenes. Gavin looked at her for awhile before giving another request. "Take off your bra and panties. It'll be a greater turn on for all of us."

Janice put her phone down to do as he said, exposing her pale 34B breasts and her hairy cunt. He hadn't asked her to shave, and she hadn't seen a need to. There was a healthy thatch of pubic hair, well and truly soaked in her juices.

At the same time. Gavin stripped of all of his clothes, confident they wouldn't be disturb. His hard cock stood up, extremely prominent and huge. Janice glanced at it and began salivating at the idea of pounding herself up and down on his cock later on.

Right when they were done, Jamay Loh walked into the room, her nipples extremely stiff and sticking out prominently against her pink tank too. She clearly wasn't wearing a bra. Her grey pants had a wet spot where her cunt should be, a clear sign that she didn't have her panties on either.

Gavin saw the look of surprise on her face at naked Janice. He paused to let the moment sink in before he walked behind her to close the door. He locked it quickly before returning to stand in front of Jamay Loh.

He stared her and asked politely, "Mrs Loh, are you ready?"

She didn't look him in the eye, instead focusing on his thick cock. She answered as if in a trance "Yes...."

With that, Gavin smiled triumphantly and gripped her tank top firmly, ripping it apart from top to bottom. He slammed into her and forced her body against the door of the room. He locked lips with her and felt his muscular chest press up against her soft and saggy MILF tits. He knew she was a mother of three, but the idea of fucking her was still a massive turn on to him.

As he made out with Mrs Loh, Janice was using her phone to film the indecent act going on. She saw the way Mrs Loh's breasts were flattened against his chest, the way her tanned arms went around his neck, pulling him close. She felt her cunt beginning to flow more openly.

Gavin tasted the sweet taste of Jamay's mouth and groaned as he felt his cock rubbing against the denim of her jeans. Jamay felt her stiff nipples rubbing against his chest and moaned into the kiss, just as Gavin forced his tongue into her mouth, french kissing her.
He was relentless in his attempts to subdue her tongue. She used her tongue to try and press back against Gavin, playfully fighting him off. He knew she wasn't reluctant to be there, but he wanted to dominate her completely.

He pressed his tongue against hers again and again, until she finally got the message and relaxed. He triumphantly broke the kiss and bent down to suck on her tits. Her hands dropped to his head as he eagerly licked around her boobs slowly, avoiding her nipples.
She groaned in frustration, wanting to have her sensitive nipples played with. Her brown and diamond hard nipples were mounted on her brown areolas. He licked her tits until they were coated in his saliva and gleaming, and she was writhing in agony at her denied pleasure.

Finally, he attacked her nipples and sealed his lips around them, sucking hard and licking her right nipple all at once. His hands that had been pinning her arms to the wall went to her left breast and her ass cheeks, gripping and groping them, squeezing them and spanking them through the denim.

He felt the fabric against his skin and frowned in annoyance. He raised himself up slightly and went to kiss and lick her neck, while at the same time moving his hands down to her jeans. He fumbled with the button and the zip but eventually managed to loosen her jeans enough to pull them off of her.

He groaned against her neck as he felt her warm,wet and hairy snatch against his cock. He raised his head up and began to make out with her again. Her arms once again wound round his neck tightly, and he lifted her up off the ground by gripping her ass.
He carried her like this onto the pile of bibs that the netball players used during training. He let go of her and broke the make our session to begin pleasuring her in earnest. He saw that she was soaking wet and was incredibly close to cumming, so he decided to make her cum by fingering her.

He thrust his fingers into her pussy, and placed his fingertips against the top of her inner walls. He savoured the feel of her moist and hot walls around his fingers for awhile before beginning to stroke her upper wall with increasing urgency. He was firm and unrelenting in his strokes, causing the pleasure to well up inside Jamay.

She groaned out her hands flying to her tits, massaging them. She bucked her hips, trying desperately to reach her release. Gavin smiled and lowered his head to her cunt. He began to lick her hairy pussy as he fingered her.

He kept this up for a minute, until he heard Jamay scream out "I'M GOING TO CUM!"

Gavin rose up from her snatch, his chin and lips wet with her juices, and he roared back "CUM FOR ME MRS LOH! CUM FOR ME!"
Jamay screamed as she came, squirting all over the bibs. Her cunt contracted for 3 full minutes, squirting again and again. Her back arched and thrust her saggy brown tits out. Eventually, she collapsed back on to the bibs, panting, her body spasming from pleasure.
Gavin looked at her, and signalled for Janice to move in and get a closer look at Jamay with the camera. As she walked closer, Gavin reached out to spank Janice's firm ass, causing her to jump. She looked at Gavin, and saw him mouth the word "Later". She nodded and knelt down to get close ups of Jamay's barely conscious face, her wet and leaking cunt, the stains on the bibs and her heaving tits.

As Jamay began to recover, Gavin signalled for Janice to step beside Jamay. He knelt down and gripped her ankles, forcing her to raise her legs up to his shoulders. Once her feet were on his shoulders, he placed the tip of his cock against her pussy and waited until she returned to reality.

A few seconds later, Jamay's eyes opened and she groaned out. "Oh that was...."

And that was all she said, because Gavin chose that exact moment to slam his cock all the way in to her cunt. He grunted in surprise at the tightness and asked "Does your husband even stretch you out?"

Jamay groaned out "No... He doesn't. Are you all the way in? You're so much bigger than him!"

Gavin grinned and growled "I'm barely halfway in."

Jamay's eyes widened in shock as she felt Gavin's huge member go inch by inch into her cunt, making her feel fuller than she could ever remember being.

He kept going, stretching her out more than her husband ever did. She was a mother of 3, he knew, but she was so tight that he knew her husband couldn't satisfy her. He bottomed out in her tight, moist and mature cunt, taking a moment to pause and savour the moment.

He felt the tight squeeze of her walls on his cock, her cunt trying to milk him of all of his cum. He pulled back out slowly until only the was left, feeling the way his cock dragged on her walls. He stopped when he only his head was left inside before slamming all the way in.

Jamay shrieked in surprise and discomfort, her mature tits bouncing in response to the sudden slam. He repeated his again 3 more times, slamming Jamay against the bibs she was lying on. Her body was coated with a thin sheen of sweat that rubbed off on the bibs, leaving sweat stains.

Once he judged his cock had been sufficiently lubed up, he went down to her anus and pressed his cockhead to her backdoor. He paused momentarily to let her release what he was doing. She opened her mouth to protest “No! Don’t I haven’t even let my husband do it! It’s gross and unnatural!”

Gavin smirked at her “Perfect. Then I claim your ass as mine then. I promise you won’t feel that way about anal once I’m done.”
He finished speaking, and began to force his cock head deeper into her asshole. Jamay groaned at the strange intrusion, her hands squeezing the bibs under her tightly, her face contorted in pain. Her whole body tensed, her anal sphincter remaining tightly clenched, trying desperately to prevent his cock from entering her backdoor.

Gavin sighed in exasperation and gripped her shoulders, pressing her down against the bibs. He leaned his bodyweight against her legs, adding his bodyweight to the force pressing against her anus. The increased force allowed him to slowly force her backdoor open, allowing his lubed up cock to slide into her ass.

Jamay groaned out as she felt his member entering her. She gave up resisting and tried her best to relax her anal walls. Gavin felt the marginal loosening and smiled, “Ohhhhh well done Mrs Loh. You’re going to enjoy this, I promise.”

He gripped her shoulders even tighter and jerked his hips forward, slamming his cock all the way into her ass. Jamay screamed in shock and pain as he bottomed out in her and his pelvis smacked against her still firm ass and hamstrings. A resounding “SMACK” echoed around the locked and enclosed room as his whole cock was buried deep in her ass.

Gavin paused for a moment to give Jamay time to get used to his dick, and turned towards Janice who was still filming. He saw the trail of cum that slid down her legs, and got even more turned on.

He returned his attention to Jamay, who was breathing shallowly, now slightly more ready for the coming ass fuck. He gripped her mature tits and briefly groped them before pulling out slightly and thrusting back in. Jamay groaned loudly, feeling the way his hot dick dragged on her anal walls and pressed on her pussy through the thin membrane separating her ass and her cunt.

She felt him slowly increasing the intensity of his thrusts, pulling out more and thrusting back all the way in. The pain remained a constant throughout the fucking, but as she got more and more used to it, the pain began to be overshadowed by something else: Pleasure.

As the anal fuck continued, Gavin heard a change in her groans. They changed from being pain filled, to being full of pleasure. She began to groan and moan out encouragement to him “Oh fuck Gavin… Oh fuck! Fuck my ass! Fuck it harder! Bang your teacher! Fuck Mrs Loh to her climax!”

Gavin let out a low groan, incredibly turned on by her dirty talk. He growled back “I’m going to make your ass mine. But I’m not going to cum in your ass. I’m going to cum in your cunt. I hope you get pregnant Mrs Loh.”Gavin shifted his grip from her tits to beside her head.

Jamay groaned “YES! MAKE ME PREGNANT! Gavin, ever the obedient student, hastened to follow her instructions. He deepened his thrusts into her ass and felt her anal walls tightening as she reached her climax. He kept up his thrusts, feeling her hot walls pulling on his cock as it moved constantly in her ass. He eyed the way her tits kept bouncing in response to his thrusts.

Finally, he heard her scream out “I’M CUMMING!”, and he ceased his thrusting as he bottomed out in her ass. Gavin felt her anal sphincter constrict around the base of his cock. He got a good look off the way she looked in climax, as her whole body tensed and she let out a wild shriek.

Her climax lasted a full 30 seconds before her body relaxed and he pulled out of her ass. He angled his cock to penetrate her pussy again and slammed his cock in, thrusting relentlessly, desperate to cum in her cunt and fill her womb with his sperm. He was already close to climax, and as he felt her wet and warm walls tighten around his cock as he thrust into her, he knew he would cum in a few seconds.

He buried his cock deep in her cunt, his head touching her cervix. He made small, minute thrusts and soon, the wet and warm confines around his cock caused him to cum. He shifted his grip to around her neck, choking Jamay as he came. He roared “I’M CUMMING JAMAY! TAKE MY CUM!”

Jamay gagged and croaked as he choked her and came, filling her up with his jizz. He choked her for almost 20 seconds, after which his orgasm finally ended. Panting, he let go of her throat and fell back to sit on the floor. Jamay was gasping for air, but still conscious.

He turned away from her and looked at Janice, who had just stopped filming. Her eyes were filled with lust and need, so he stood up and felt his dick getting hard and reaching full mast once again. He stood up and took the phone from her hands, putting it to one side.

“Well, Janice, now it’s your turn.” He whispered as he slammed her against the wall behind her and turned her around. He angled his cock and pushed it against her anus.

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Going to add one last chapter. It'll have anal with Janice and the addition of one other female teacher. But I won't be posting it for quite a while, I'll be working on some other stuff first. After writing a few chapters of the same story I get quite bored of it. I'll be working on some celebrity fiction next. Sorry for making anybody who likes this story wait.

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take all the time you need because this is a great story but i hope you continue with this one when you're ready to get back to it if you do

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This is a terrific series and would gladly wait for another chapter.


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At Last Chapter 4: Jocelyn

With Janice's sweaty body pressed firmly against the wall, Gavin pressed his lubed up cockhead against the entrance to her backdoor. He softly whispered "Are you ready?" Janice groaned as she felt his warm breath on her ear and the pressure against her anal sphincter, trying to force her ass open. It seemed almost alien that something was trying to enter her ass: she was still an anal virgin.


Gavin's hands dropped from pinning her arms to the wall down to grip her firm ass cheeks. He slowly pulled them apart, exposing more and more of her crinkly, star-shaped hole, to make his entrance easier. 


Gavin slowly increased the force he was exerting to enter her, and Janice whimpered in pain. She was unused to the intrusion and it hurt! Gavin murmured in her ear as he kissed her neck "Relax... It'll go easier that way..."


She groaned and shivered as she felt his breath on her neck, and against her natural instincts, she began to relax her backdoor to let him make some headway. Gavin felt the loosening of her passage and whispered in her ear "Good girl...", as he felt her tight, virgin anus begin to enclose around his cock head.


At first all she felt was the sense that something wasn't right, that a cock wasn't meant to be buried in her ass, as Gavin's cock was almost. But the deeper his cock burrowed into the tight and hot confines of her ass, the more she began to enjoy the feeling. It wasn't as outright pleasurable as being fucked in the cunt, but the mild stinging pain of anal was almost enjoyable to her.


Sweat trickled down her forehead, sliding down her nose and chin, falling onto her pale B cup tits that were flattened against the concrete wall she was up against. She felt more and more of Gavin's thick and hard cock sliding into her, and she couldn't resist letting out a groan of pleasure and pain mixed as she felt his cock beginning to stimulate her cunt through the thin membrane separating her ass and pussy.


With Gavin continuing to push in, he was soon buried hilt deep into Janice's ass, their bodies fitted each other perfectly and he turned her head slightly to kiss her on the lips briefly. Their brief kiss turned into a passionate make out session as Janice stuck her tongue out to french kiss him. Gavin groaned in surprise but didn't complain. Instead, he began to compete with her, their two tongues playfully fighting for dominance.


Gavin's right hand slowly slid up her slim body to squeeze Janice's right breast before his index finger and thumb gently pinched and pulled her nipple, causing her to gasp in pleasure. Gavin broke their liplock and chose this moment to begin fucking her in earnest. 


He pulled almost all the way out of Janice's ass and slammed back in to the hilt, causing her to scream in shock, pain and pleasure. His hand continued to play with her tits, pinching and squeezing them as he kissed and licked her neck. His slamfucking was rough and hard, with nothing held back. His member burrowed all the way in and out, dragging shrieks and screams from Janice.


He felt her tight walls squeezing on his cock, and he felt himself go even wilder with lust. He was determined to fuck her ass so hard that she wouldn't be able to walk the next day. He increased the pace of his fucking disregarding the notion that he might be causing Janice pain. She screamed even louder as he pummeled her ass again and again. The sound of his pelvis smacking into her ass resounded through the storage room.


He felt someone behind him and he smiled even as he began to nibble on Janice's neck and tasted the familiar taste of her salty sweet. Gavin pulled Janice away from the wall and forced her to kneel down with his cock still in her ass. She didn't resist, used to following his directions by now.  He bent her over into doggy position and began thrusting into her toned ass again before he called out "Come on Mrs Loh. You know you want to." That said, he saw Mrs Jamay Loh, the brunette MILF he had just sodomised and turned into an adulteress, getting on her back and slowly crawling under Janice. 


Jamay's head ended up at Janice's hairy crotch, with Janice's face in Jamay's hairy mature pussy in a perfect 69. Jamay raised her head up and began to lick and thrust her fingers into Janice's soaking wet cunt. She played with her student's pussy like a master, stroking and stimulating her clit to drag even louder screams from Janice. 


Gavin felt his cock getting even harder on seeing the scene and he  began to thrust harder. He felt his balls smacking against Jamay's head as he fucked Janice's ass and became even more​ turned on. His two hands which had been resting on Janice's ass raised up, and his right hand came crashing down on her ass, leaving a bright red handprint on her pale ass, dragging a shrill shriek of pain from Janice, who's mouth was buried in Mrs Loh's mature cunt. The scream stimulated Jamay's cunt, causing her to let out a muffled moan into Janice's hairy pussy.


Gavin began to spank her ass regularly, alternating between cheeks and turning her whole ass red. Jamay felt the sweat on Janice's body slowly dripping onto hers and she began to thrust her hips up, trying to bury Janice's face into her cunt to get some form of stimulation. Meanwhile, she began to lick and suck on Janice's pussy with even more fervour, trying desperately to get her to cum and to release her sweet pussy juice.


After almost 10minutes of brutal anal fucking and spanking, Janice's muffled screams had changed from screams of pain to screams of pleasure. She welcomed the spanking and the slamming in of Gavin's hard cock. Gavin heard the change in the tone of her screams and felt pleased with himself. He knew she was almost at climax: he was too. 


He continued with his fast pace and felt his cum begining to churn in his balls as sweat continued to drip off his body and fall on to her smacked-red ass. Gavin began to curse "Oh fuck I'm gonna fucking cum Janice. I'm gonna fucking cum in your tight ass! Take my cum!" Janice groaned out in reply, her voice hoarse from screaming and her face covered in Jamay Loh's pubic hair.


Gavin sped up the pace of his thrusts and slammed balls deep into her one last time before bending over and gripping both of her tits, one in each hand and squeezing tightly as he came. He groaned in sheer pleasure as he came, his cum spurted out and painted the insides of her ass. 


When he came down from his high, he slowly let go of her tits which he had almost been crushing during his climax. He slowly waited for his cock to soften, thrusting a few more times in his semiflaccid state before pulling out and walking in front of Janice on shaky legs. 


He waited as he watched Jamay and Janice lick and suck each other to climax. Janice, free from being ass fucked, was now able to divert her attention to pleasing her fellow female. She had no real skill and could only lick her cunt and suck on it briefly while intermittently thrusting her fingers into Jamay's pussy. In spite of this, with Jamay's sheer levels of lust, it was enough. 


Janice and Jamay both screamed as they reached climax together, with the two squirting onto each others' face. Covering each other with cum. Their back arched and their whole bodies tensed in pleasure until finally their orgasms ended and they collapsed onto each other.


He gently pulled Janice's head up, and smiled as he took in her fucked stupid face covered in Jamay Loh's cum and her brown pubic hair. He presented his cock to her face and Janice slowly opened her mouth up to take him, licking his dick clean of cum, tasting her own ass. But she was too out of it to notice. As she sucked him off, he felt himself getting hard and he smiled before pulling out of her mouth and gently pushing her off of Mrs Loh before mounting Jamay one more time and thrusting his cock into her cunt.


One week later, Gavin and Jamay were lying down on the bed that she shared with her husband. Jamay was on top of Gavin, her nose buried in his neck, softly kissing him. They were both panting, their bodies covered in sweat from the intense fuck they had just had. Gavin had mounted Jamay and fucked her missionary style until he had grown bored of the position. They had then changed over, with Jamay riding his hard cock, her tanned tits bouncing up and down until he finally came in her again.


As they recovered from their respective climaxes, Jamay heard her phone begin ringing, and she quickly answered it.


"Hello? Oh Jocelyn! Hi! I put the re-printed worksheets on your table yesterday. You can't find them? That can't be right... I'm sure I left them on your table. Check again please. If you still can't find them, look for a spare on my table and just photocopy it. Thanks!"


Gavin looked at Jamay and asked "Was that Jocelyn Goh?" Jamay looked at him and smiled, "Yes, it was. I was her mentor for her training, and now I'm her Teacher supervisor while she goes through her first year of teaching." She paused ,as she felt his hard cock pressing into her thigh twitch, and had a filthy thought. "Don't tell me you want to fuck her too!?" She exclaimed in mock disgust. "I'll have you know, she's a married woman!"


Gavin smirked at her and whispered "You're a married woman too. And for the record, I want to fuck her. Would you like to help me get in her pants?" Jamay groaned and seductively stroked his chest before slowly murmuring, "Sure... As long as she doesn't deprive me of the chance to fuck you." Gavin chuckled and growled "I think I can manage that..." Before he reversed their roles and flipped her onto her knees to take her from behind. 


He squeezed her hips and slammed his once again erect cock balls deep into her loosened pussy. Jamay groaned in pleasure and began to buck her hips back in response to his thrusts, trying to get him to go deeper than before. Gavin continued to pound into her, with his hands shifting to her MILF tits. He squeezed them with great enthusiasm as he continued to slam fuck her, pulling all the way out and slamming all the way in. 


As his pelvis smacked loudly against her toned ass, he felt Jamay's walls beginning to tighten around. With the knowledge that her climax was soon to come, he doubled pace of his thrusts and began to toy with her nipples, flicking and pinching them while he licked along the length of her spine, causing her to shiver.


All Jamay cared about was the way her lover's cock was hitting all the right spots and stimulating her in a way her husband never could. As she felt his cockhead pounding against her cervix, Jamay screamed in ecstacy "I'm cumming!" 


With that, her back arched and she let loose a wild scream of pleasure as she came, her walls tightening randomly around Gavin's cock, trying their best to extract all of his cum from him. Gavin groaned and pulled out before he came and waited for Jamay's climax to subside. 


When her body finally relaxed and she collapsed, exhausted, onto her bed, Gavin slowly moved and rolled her around so she was on her back. He proceeded to spit in the valley between her tits and positioned his cock there. He pressed her tits together around his cock and began to thrust in rapidly, eager to reach his own climax. He groaned as he felt her soft tit flesh stroking his cock, "Oh fuck Mrs Loh! I'm gonna cover your face in my cum!" 


Jamay was turned on by this, and she cried out "Come on Gavin! Cover your teacher's face with your cum! Do it! Fuck my tits! Paint my face! I'm yours!" Hearing his teacher sounding so utterly depraved was the last straw. With that, he lost all sense of self control and thrust all the way forward and came. His cum spurted out of his cock and fell on her face, with some getting onto her eyelids, sealing her eyes shut. 


He finally stopped cumming and he paused to admire the masterpiece he had created. Jamay Loh's face was covered in hid cum, with some mixed into her hair. She looked like a real slut: his slut. 


He picked up his phone from the bedstand and checked it for the time before cursing out "Oh fuck. I'm late!" He gripped a bunch of Jamay's hair and used it to clean off his cock before he began hunting frantically for his clothes which he had disposed off haphazardly before fucking Jamay. 


He quickly pulled them on just as Jamay finally sat up after cleaning off his cum from her face. "I'm late to meet Janice!" Jamay smiled tiredly and said "Don't worry. I'll think of something to help you fuck Jocelyn and I'll tell you later." 


Gavin smiled and finally pulled on his shirt before bending over to kiss Jamay firmly on the lips and give her soft, tanned tits a firm squeeze before whispering "Thanks...", leaving goosebumps all over her neck. He quickly rushed out of the door and out of Jamay's house.


He reached Janice's house, and he was panting from having ran all the way. He rushed in to meet her and gasped out "I'm sorry I'm late. I was... Caught up with... Some stuff..." Janice looked at him and couldn't help a twinge of jealousy from rising up. "I know you were fucking Jamay. I told you I'm fine with it. Just... I'm your girlfriend you know. The least you could do is be on time..." She replied bitterly. "Are we going to have sex today? Or are you all tapped out?"


Gavin hesitated before replying "Well... I guess I have enough in me." Janice looked at him and sighed "Don't bother lying. I know you're exhausted. I guess we could just watch a movie or something..."


As they settled down to watch a movie from her collection of movies, Janice sighed to herself and began to think "I love him. I really do. But... I just can't get satisfied. He's off with Mrs Loh all the time... Maybe I should... Look for my satisfaction elsewhere...?"


Gavin reached home and couldn't shake the feeling that something was off with Janice. He just didn't know what it was. He was distracted from his line of thought by receiving a message from Jamay saying "Have a plan. Apparently she hasn't been managing to return marked scripts back to students on time. Could affect her performance review and whether she stays on. Good source of leverage. Standby tmr. U might get what you want."


Gavin chuckled before he climbed into bed to sleep. Tomorrow would be an amazing day. He just knew it. As he fantasised about fucking Jocelyn Goh the next day, he knew it would be one of the best experiences of his life. Mrs Jocelyn Goh was the hottest teacher in the school, and she taught history, the same subject as Mrs Loh. She was 26 and was extremely slender with long black hair framing her lightly tanned face. She seemed to have B cup tits, from what Gavin had seen but he couldn’t be too sure without a closer examination which he would do the next day.


The next day, he followed Jamay’s instructions and waited outside the staff room at 5pm, when the rest of the staff had left. Jamay had left her phone on speaker so that he could clearly hear what was going on in the room. “Jocelyn, this is unacceptable. I have to write a report to the principal with you unacceptable work ethic. This isn’t the first time you’ve failed to return work to students on time!” Jamay scolded Mrs Jocelyn Goh. Jocelyn pleaded with her “Please Jamay… just give me one more chance to make things better. I promise. I’ve just been caught up, my husband and I have been having some trouble…”


Jamay sighed “Fine. I’ll give you one last chance. But I need you to do something for me.” Jocelyn’s voice had a sudden change from sad and desperate to joyful and optimistic “I’ll do anything you need me to do!” The smile in Jamay’s voice was clearly audible “Alright then. I’ve recently had a problem with a male student of mine. He’s been shooting me inappropriate glances and passing me inappropriate notes. I’ve spoken to him about it, and he claims to just be extremely horny. If you’re willing to relieve him of some of his… horniness, I’ll give you another chance.”


Jocelyn hesitated, she knew she should be faithful to her husband, but she needed this job. Her husband was a useless man who couldn’t hold a stable job. She was the one who brought home the money. She looked at Jamay and finally said “Fine. I’ll do it.” Jamay then picked up her phone and pretended to dial a number before speaking “Gavin, come to the staffroom now please. Wait outside the door. Mrs Goh will be there to bring you in.” Jamay pretended to hang up the phone before continuing to speak.


Jamay looked at Jocelyn in the eyes “I want you to bring him in to the staff room in your underwear.” Jocelyn had been wearing a tight black fitting dress that covered her whole, slender body and ran from her shoulders down to her knees. She hesitated but decided she might as well follow Jamay’s orders if she wanted to keep her job. She reached to her back and began to unzip the zipper that had kept the dress fastened to her body.


After unzipping the dress, she slowly, almost reluctantly, peeled the dress off of her body, exposing her conservative black bra and panties. Jamay estimated them to be an easy 34B which was quite big for her thin frame. “Take off your shoes too… You won’t be needing them.” Jocelyn bent over to remove her shoes and provided Jamay with an excellent view of her toned ass. Jamay felt herself getting wet in spite of herself and knew that she would have to go home and use her dildo. Unless she roped in her son…? She had caught his son jerking off before and his cock was almost as big as Gavin’s. A surprise really, considering his father’s dick was less than half his size.


After removing her shoes, Jocelyn walked towards the staff room door and opened it to find Gavin waiting, an obvious erection in his tight pants. Jocelyn hesitated before softly asking “What do you want me to do?” Gavin stepped closer to her and placed his arms on her bare shoulders before bending his neck forward to inhale the sweet scent of perfume that lingered around her neck. “I want you to step inside the staffroom and bring me to an empty table. Then, I want you to slowly take off you bra and panties and suck my cock until I cum all over your face and tits. After that, I’m going to fuck your vagina.”


He stepped back to see her eyes dilating in shock before he commanded “Go.” Galvanised into action by the naturally authoritative tone in his voice, Jocelyn quickly went to find an empty table but couldn’t, so she settled for pushing her papers off of her own table to leave it empty. She was worried that her poor performance would be reflected to Jamay and cause her to lose her job. With her first task done, and Gavin standing waiting for her, she gulped before continuing on to task 2. She slowly reached back for the clasp of her bra and unhooked it, letting her bra slowly slide down her tits now that it was no longer held in place. As the bra slid down, her tits and nipples became exposed. She had dark brown areolae topped with quickly hardening light brown nipples. Her tits were firm and hadn’t started sagging like Jamay’s. As her entire bra came off Gavin called out “Toss the bra to me.”


Jocelyn tossed it to him, not sure what he wanted the bra for. He placed a cup at his nose and deeply inhaled the scent, smiling as he lowered the bra. He then proceeded to check the label and smirked. He had been right. She was a 34B. Gavin glanced up and saw that she was just standing there. He frowned “I didn’t recall asking you to stop.” Jocelyn reached down to her panties and began to work them off of her slender legs slowly. She slid her panties off to reveal a hairless cunt. It wasn’t he usually liked his women, but he would take it. Jocelyn was hot enough that he didn’t mind.


Gavin quickly removed his shirt and pants. He hadn’t bothered to wear underwear to meet Jocelyn Goh. After all, it would just be one more article of clothing to remove. Jocelyn slowly got on her knees in front of him and stared at his rock hard cock. It was 7 inches long and as thick as her wrist: slightly bigger than her own husband's! She slowly opened up her mouth and licked the tip of his cock, tasting the slightly stale taste of old urine. She fought against her disgust and began to bob her slowly up and down his cock, trying her best to take as much of him in as possible. As she went down, her cheeks seemed to puff up with air, and as she pulled up, her cheeks seemed to deflate and became almost concave in shape.


Jocelyn was going too slow for his liking so he growled out “Too slow Mrs Goh. I’m taking over.” He gripped the back of her head, tangling his fingers in her hair before pulling her head towards his pelvis. He dragged her head along his cock, forcing his cockhead into her throat again and again. Jocelyn tried hard to fight her gag reflex, and eventually managed to take his cock all the way into her throat. With his cock buried balls deep in her mouth, Gavin smiled. He paused for a while to give her time to adjust before giving her her next command "Give me the best blowjob of my life."

Jocelyn grunted in reply, her grunt sending vibrations along his cock, causing Gavin to moan in approval. "That's a good start Mrs Goh. Keep going." Jocelyn pulled off of his cock and slowly stroked his saliva-coated cock before opening her mouth and covering the head of his cock with her lips. Her lips formed a seal around his thick cock, and she began to bob her head along half the length of his cock quickly. As her mouth slid up and down half of it, her right hand wrapped around the bottom half and stroked it just as quickly. When Jocelyn judged the time was right, she lifted her hand off of his cock and she relaxed her throat, taking his whole cock down.

She slowly forced his member down her throat, burying her pert nose in his pubic hair. Gavin smiled at the sight and felt himself twitch in pleasure. It was such a naughty sight! The hot Jocelyn Goh on her knees, deep throating him without his hands touching her. She began to moan and groan around his cock as she jerked her head along his cock, the vibrations she produced causing Gavin to groan and bring him closer and closer to his climax.

After almost 5minutes of this, Gavin felt his his climax coming. He placed his hands on both sides of her head and began to thrust his cock forward rapidly, taking over the blowjob. He used her mouth and throat, causing her spit to slowly spill out of her mouth from sheer force of his facefucking, regardless of the seal that her lips had formed around his cock. Her face had slowly turned from its usual lightly tanned colour to a much redder hue as his cock blocked her airways, depriving her of her precious air.

He groaned as he felt the cum stirring in his balls and he cried out "I'm cumming Mrs Goh!' With that, he pulled out of her mouth and rapidly jerked himself off. He took aim, and as the cum raced out of his cock and spurted onto Jocelyn, he groaned in ecstasy. His cum landed on her face, splattering all over her nose, lips and sealing her eyes shut. It even landed on her B cup tits, forming a glaze on her firm boobs and rock hard nipples. Gavin took a step back, panting, to take a photo of Jocelyn Goh, covered in his cum. As he took the photo and got a careful look at how slutty she appeared, he felt himself getting hard again.

Gavin gripped Jocelyn by her armpits and lifted her up off of her knees into a standing position. His body pressed against hers, his once again hard cock jabbing into her waist. "Lie on the table. I'm going to fuck you now." His tone of voice was firm and uncompromising. She was almost mesmerised by the authority in his voice and she followed his instructions without question and felt herself getting wetter at the same time. Her husband was a loving man, but he lacked the confidence and power that Gavin radiated. Jocelyn secretly craved domination and humiliation but her husband just couldn't do it. As she realised that her fantasies may just come true with Gavin, she felt her cum beginning to slowly ooze out of her cunt.

As Jocelyn lay down, Gavin quickly moved to mount her, positioning his cockhead at the entrance to her moist pussy. As he kneeled over her, his hands went to grip her upper arms, pinning them above her head, against the table. Jocelyn gulped in anticipation and nervousness: she was finally about to be dominated! She felt his stiff cock poised to enter her, but remaining stationery, teasing her. She subconsciously bucked her hips against his cock, urging him to enter her. Gavin got the hint, and he slowly eased his cock into her hot, wet folds. His member was enveloped by her pussy as he went deeper into her, her tight walls conforming to his cock and forming a tight vice that squeezed his cock, trying to drain him of all the cum he had to offer.

He slowly entered her until he was buried in balls deep. He took a moment to savour the feeling of having her deliciously moist cunt squeezed tight around his cock. As he stared at Jocelyn, he was suddenly reminded of Janice and of the first time they had fucked. Gavin realised that over the past week he had been neglecting his girlfriend to fuck admittedly hot married women. He cursed internally as he realised he had been taking Janice for granted. He resolved to make things right with her. But first... He would end his fuck with Jocelyn Goh quickly

His hands still pinning her arms to the table, Gavin began to buck his hips back and forth, drilling in and out of her cunt again and again. His goal was simple: cum as fast as he could. He grunted as he increased his pace, his sweat forming and dripping onto Jocelyn lying beneath him. Each time he slammed all the way into her, he pulled a gasp out from Jocelyn and caused her tits to bounce. Gavin focused on the sight of her beautiful boobs bouncing, the erotic sounds of her gasps and moans and the feeling of her cunt moistening around his cock and her hot walls gripping every part of his cock.

He fucked her hard and fast, and he soon felt his muscles beginning to burn from exertion. Still he continued to fuck her. He felt his balls beginning to churn once again and he knew he was close. He took in everything, the way her bouncing tits sent sweat droplets flying, the way her brown furrowed in pleasure and the way her body tensed and relaxed wildly in response to his fucking. Jocelyn's groans rose in pitch and volume, and Gavin began to speed up his pace. He had fucked women enough times to know that Jocelyn was close to cumming.

Gavin intensified his fucking and gave one last burst, thrusting hard into her, sending his cock head slamming into her cervix, drawing a scream from Jocelyn as she came. She screamed a loud, piercing shriek as her whole body tensed up and her back arched up off the table. She came, squirting her cum all Gavin's abdomen. Her.cunt tightened almost superhumanly around his cock, causing Gavin to reach his limit. His hands tightened their grip around her arms, leaving red imprints as he he groaned out "Oh fuck Mrs Goh! I'm cumming!" As he filled the climaxing teacher with his sperm, painting her walls white with his cum.

After a full minute, the two lovers reached the end of their respective climaxes and their bodies relaxed, with Gavin collapsing on top of Jocelyn. His face buried in between her tits. In his post-orgasm ecstacy, he forgot entirely about his resolution and just lay there, softly licking Mrs Jocelyn Goh's tits and nibbling on her stiff nipples. As Gavin recovered from his intense climax, he slowly moved his head forward and began to make out with Jocelyn, slowly, intimately.

All of a sudden, Jocelyn's phone rang and she reluctantly broke their kiss to answer her phone. Gavin sighed, got up and went to put on his clothes, guessing rightly that she had to return home.

After he had pulled on all his clothes, he went to check his phone for messages. As he looked at his phone's lockscreen photo of him and Janice, he remembered the realisation he had come upon just minutes ago. He quickly walked out of the staff room and called Janice only to be directed straight to voicemail. He left a message for her "Hey Janice... It's Gavin. Call me back when you can... There's something I need to tell you."

He reached home and waited anxiously for her to call him back. At midnight, just as he was about to go to sleep, he received the call he had been waiting for.


"Gavin... I'm sorry. I... I did something..." Janice cried over the phone with tears in her eyes...

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Chapter 4 isn't really my best work but I haven't had much time recently. There's going to be one last chapter, and it's going to be extremely dirty with a gangbang, pissing and spanking. It's going to be exclusively about Janice getting fucked. Jamay Loh and Jocelyn won't be getting fucked but they may appear towards the end.

I may not update for a month or more.

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