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 Post subject: Pay To Play
PostPosted: October 19th, 2016, 5:05 am 
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Note: Special thanks to lizzybathory for the title and also to agent13, benzor and everyone in the 'Dubai prostitution' story request topic for their ideas.

Disclaimer: None of this happened, it's all fiction etc. etc.

The Sunny Days Travel Agency was well known in celebrity circles.
As far as anyone knew, it was a travel agency that countless celebrities (actresses mainly) used.
But for the women that used it, they knew it by a much different name: Ahuiateteo Escort Service.

It was a prostitution business that had been around since the start of Hollywood. It provided incredibly rich and powerful men with the women they wanted, no matter if it was the biggest celebrity in the world, a person whose star has long faded, reality show and Youtube 'stars' or pornstars (both active and retired).

No one knew it's exact origins, but really most people were sure they didn't want to know.
After all they provided the celebs with whatever they wanted: Sex, Money, and Stardom (also they had a 'look the other way' policy when it came to clients providing celebrities with things like drugs).

Most celebs entire contact with Agency was based entirely around automated phone calls and an e-mail.
They'd get the call letting them know when and where their next job was.
Then, they'd get an e-mail from someone named Donna that would give them their flight info.
She would also link them to a picture of what the client wanted them to wear, if they wanted the celeb in something special.
Which the Agency would provide them with as soon as the stepped off of the plane (or limo, if the client was actually in the same city as them).

Due to that lack of contact:
A. celebs would usually recruit other celebs into the agency, there was no better sales pitch than from the people who were actually involved in escorting.
B. No one knew much about the agency.
The most information anyone had was about a point man who set up the most important of encounters.
He was a young Mexican man named Miguel Cortes....or he was an elderly white man named Joe Martin...or he was a middle aged black man named Leon Travis.

A few people were always trying to unravel the mystery, usually some reporter trying to make a name for themselves, but they hadn't had much luck.
It seemed like every small lead went to a dead end (for some reporters it was a literal dead end).

A phone had begun ringing, one look at her caller ID and the woman knew what was up.
She rushed over to the phone and answered it.

Greetings, this is the Sunny Days Travel Agency letting you know that your flight to Dubai has been confirmed...all other information should be E-Mailed to you shortly.

Sure enough, after a short wait an E-Mail showed up in her inbox.
She clicked on the E-Mail and read it, discovering that, much to her surprise, the flight was literally hours away and she was sent a link to a blank photo... Clearly Donna was having a little fun with her.

They must have paid a pretty penny to get me on such short notice. She thought.

Realizing there was no time to waste she quickly grabbed her coat and rushed out to the already waiting limo.
Katy Perry was ready to go to work.

 Post subject: Re: Pay To Play
PostPosted: December 31st, 2016, 7:02 pm 
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Katy was one of the most in demand singers in the world.

As such she was also one of the most in demand escorts as well.

So now she sat on a plane that was taking her to Dubai.

She looked over a new e-mail, this one giving her information on the client.

His name was Amir Abbas and he was a rather notable Saudi businessman.

Luckily for her, it looked like he wasn't one of the brutal ones.

It was well known that some of the men that used the agency were absolute misogynistic nightmares.

Truthfully Katy wanted to avoid those guys like the plague, but the rules were the rules, and if anyone paid enough, any woman in the agency was available for anything.

Once she arrived in Dubai, she was whisked into another limo (Usually she would have time to enjoy the sights and sounds of the city, but this was something of a last second deal.) and was given a few final orders from Donna.

There were nothing special, just a few tips on what Amir likes in bed.

Katy studied the notes very intently and realized that he had pretty vanilla tastes.

Soon she found herself being led out of the limo and into a hotel that Amir was staying at.

It was a very lavish hotel, but everything in Dubai was lavish.

Katy really enjoyed that particular aspect of Dubai.

She made her way to Amir's room and knocked, there was only a brief wait before he answered.

"Ah, Ms. Perry, it's an honor to finally meet you." He greeted as he invited her in.

As soon as she was inside, they sized one another up.

For Amir, the sight of Katy Perry standing in front of him (especially in a rather tight black dress) was a dream come true.

While Katy had to admit, he was pretty attractive: He was, to use a cliche, tall dark and handsome.

All things that Katy liked in a man.

"Do you want something to drink?" Amir halfheartedly offered.

"Nah, I'm good." She said, Katy wasn't really into any of the formalities, instead she just wanted to fuck.

For the most part she was in this for only 2 things: The money and the sex.

Everything else, to her, was a waste of her time.

Amir felt the same way.

So, rather than make any more small talk, he started things off by passionately kissing her.

She happily returned the kiss.

The kiss lasted for a few minutes as they moved into the bedroom.

Once inside the bedroom they broke the kiss and they soon stripped naked (luckily for him, Katy decided to forgo underwear).

Amir took the sight of her naked body in.

A very beautiful face was only the start of his viewing pleasure.

Further down was a pair of breasts that had fascinated countless men, Including Amir.

They were large and perky.

His eyes then moved to her trimmed pussy, which was already rather wet.

After a few moments, he motioned for her to turn around.

Her round ass was truly a sight to behold.

To Amir, there had never been a more perfect woman.

He hadn't even touched her and he was sure he had underpaid for her.

After giving him a look over, once she'd let him do the same to her, Katy had to admit: Amir was nicely hung.

Something that was a nice bonus.

He approached her and buried his head in her chest.

That got a small laugh out of her.

She really liked his forwardness.

Amir also took the chance to feel her ass.

He was sure that he was gonna love fucking it later.

Now, however, he took one of her nipples in his mouth and began to suck on it.

She let out an approving moan, licked her hand and grabbed his dick.

While he was lavishing attention on her breasts, she began stroking his dick.

His dick was already rock hard.

He moved his head back up and gave her another kiss.

This was just the start of their night.

 Post subject: Re: Pay To Play
PostPosted: March 24th, 2017, 10:03 am 
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A devilish smile played around Katy's lips and she gave Amir a playful squint, the sapphire blue eyes almost gleaming in their black frames of pronounced eye-liner. He had paid for her specifically, and she wanted to give him the full experience. Not just the appealing exterior, but also the playful and sometimes even teasing personality that she so often flaunted in her music and behavior. Keeping one hand loosely on his cock she put the other to his chest and pushed him back onto the bed. It probably was the exact opposite of what he expected a woman to be like, but she wanted him to get a taste of her self-determined freedom. And she was sure that he would come to appreciate it all too soon.

Seeing the shocked expression on his face, Katy had to suppress a giggle by biting down on her bottom lip. As Amir propped himself up on his elbows for a better view of her, Katy went down to her knees. In the back of her head she noticed how soft the high quality, hand-knit carpet was. She put both of her underarms on his thighs and let her hands hover over his throbbing erection. Using only the very tips of her fingers she played with it, caressed the soft skin. She could see it twitch, could see the balls lift up and bulge with a burning desire, a physical need for her to intensify her touch.

"Oops. I am very sorry, did I give you a push there? That's my bad.", she apologized, the grin she wore testifying that her words were anything but meant sincerely. She looked him directly into his eyes, puckering her lips and blowing air at his cock. There was the faint glow of precum beginning to form on its tip and its wetness reacted to the stream of air providing a sudden, cool sensation. Amir had to close his eyes and reluctantly grunted, luring another chuckle from Katy.

She lifted her eyebrows and nodded her head.
"Looks like you are okay with the service so far?", she asked, pressing her lips to a thin line and licking them inside of her mouth. They were covered in shiny, soft-pink lipstick. "It's not cherry chapstick, that would have really given you the ultimate Katy Perry experience that you paid for, but I am sure you won't mind."

Before he could even think about an answer Katy lowered her head to his crotch. Her fingertips moved away from his cock and balls to instead gently stroke his inner thighs. With her lips still closed she placed a myriad of kisses on Amir, leaving soft stains of pink on his skin. She loved the feeling of the cock against her lips when she pressed it down flat to his stomach and she could sense its hardness. She loved it so much that her initial plan to drag out this tease and make him beg for it was thrown over board. Almost greedily she parted her lips, let her wet, slick, nimble tongue slither out and started to poke his balls with it. Hot breath rolled over his crotch and the popstar's face was quickly shiny with her own saliva.

She started to move up from the balls, making her way up his shaft and methodically covering its whole length in her spit, painting his skin wet with her tongue. Every now and then she granted him a look into her blue eyes, keeping eye-contact for a moment while never stopping her soaking kisses. Only when she finally reached the tip of his penis did Katy slow down. She pulled back a bit and used one of her hands to seize Amir's shaft, holding his cock upright. The very tip of her tongue danced slowly around the small slit in the very tip of her affluent client's penis.

"Do you want me to take you into my mouth?", she asked, deliberately keeping it half open like the temptress she was after her inquiry. Her warm breath visibly made him twitch in her hand.

Amir nodded. "Yes, oh please yes!", she heard him say. The urgent tone of his voice made her smile. She liked a man with manners. Good boys got treats in Katy's world.

Saying nothing more she parted her lips. With learned movements she used her tongue to guide his tip into her mouth, hugging it with her soft lips. He was very girthy, causing her lips to be stretched quite thin. He would be stimulated in multiple ways now. One of her hands busied itself with his balls, gently massaging them. She could still feel the wetness of her tongue's exploration on them. The other hand was around his lower shaft, masturbating him and putting pressure around his cock. That pressure caused the very head of his penis to bulge smoothly against her tongue, and that tongue started a quick, circular dance around the head.
As well as Katy could she bobbed her head up and down Amir's penis, the whole time alternating between sucking softly and then sucking so hard that her cheeks hollowed, but his size made it difficult for her to take more of half of him into her. Under different circumstances she would have started to deepthroat him now, but she knew that a whole night of sexual adventures still awaited them and she didn't want to look like a mess after the first fifteen minutes had ticked down on the clock. So she sucked hard one last time and then slowly pulled back, until his cock sprung free from her mouth with an audible plopping sound.

Katy grinned up to him and jerked his cock with full, heavy strokes now, her other hand teasingly giving attention to its tip.
"What do you say?", she asked, "Would it be about time for you reciprocate?"

Almost reluctantly she let go of Amir's penis and she joined him on the bed, laying on her side, her head resting on her hand. She knew exactly how to make her body appear in the best possible light and her free hand followed the outline of her waist and her full hip. She looked deep inside his eyes as that hand on her flank dipped down between her legs. She closed her eyes and allowed herself a tender moan before looking seductively at her client.
"Fuck me, Amir.", she demanded, her voice low and sultry.
She turned and laid on her back, spreading her legs to allow him to take her any way he wanted...

 Post subject: Re: Pay To Play
PostPosted: March 24th, 2017, 7:18 pm 
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Love this Lips! You have a superb mastery of detail.

 Post subject: Re: Pay To Play
PostPosted: March 24th, 2017, 8:12 pm 
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Vile, amen to that, this chapter quite a tough act to follow!

 Post subject: Re: Pay To Play
PostPosted: June 24th, 2017, 11:19 pm 
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After giving her another look over, Amir was sure that there was not one single flaw with this woman.
Physical or otherwise.
He thanked his lucky stars as he entered her.
Amir was surprised at how tight she was, given how popular she had been with the agency clients.
But he thrilled that she was.
He began to slowly thrust his hips.
Katy smiled, she was used to slow starts.
It was little shows of power over her that she liked more than big proclamations.
So she was gonna make sure this night was extra special.
"God damn, you're already filling me." She complimented with a grin.
Amir knew she was right.
It wasn't uncommon for women to notice the very large bulge in his pants.
Usually it ended with him getting laid.
But this was different.
Those women had a tendency to be easily forgotten after their encounter, but he was damn sure he'd never forget this night.
But, then again, what man could forget a night with Katy Perry?
Soon he worked out a rhythm that had her moaning and begging for more.
"Please fuck me harder." She moaned out.
"Not quite yet, baby." He responded.
"We still got a long night in front of us." He said.
She knew he was right and that excited her even further.
Her thoughts focused as she felt slowly him pump himself into her.
It took a little while, but Katy eventually did what he'd been waiting for her to do when she began moving her own hips even faster, trying to get him to match her speed.
"Amir, you're amazing." She moaned out before she kissed him again.
That caused him to speed up.
Katy got what she wanted from Amir.
He broke the kiss and moaned in her mouth "Your so fucking hot." She smiled at his praise.
His eyes moved to watch her body as they fucked.
Amir's big cock was slamming in and out of Katy, causing her breasts to wildly bounce around.
In response he moved one hand to grip one of her large tits.
"FUCCCCKKKKKK MMMMMMEEEEEEEE!" She screamed at the top of her lungs.
Amir stifled a bit of a laugh at her rather over the top reaction.
He knew it was ginuine, but it was still amusing.
He thrust again and again with Katy meeting his thrusts every single time.
All of a sudden Katy orgasmed, cumming over Amir's cock.
That was the exact thing Amir needed to get him on the edge of cumming.
"I'm gonna cum." He declared.
"Pull out and you can shoot all over these." She responded emphasizing her breasts.
Amir didn't give it second thought.
He quickly pulled out, moved over her and aimed his dick right at her tits.
It didn't take more than a few strokes before he started to cum.
"Yeah, mark em." She encouraged.
He did just that as he almost covered her tits with his cum.
Katy was very impressed.
Katy cleaned herself up while Amir took a little time to recover.
"I love you." Was all that he could say.
Katy gave him a smile.
There was nothing she loved more than proclamations of love from her clients.
Because it always meant they would happily come back for more.
And truthfully, she already wanted to see more of him.
Once she was all cleaned up, Amir decided it was time for another roll in the hay, much to Katy's pleasant surprise.
The next morning, Katy awoke to find that Amir was already gone with a simple note saying Until next time. Where Amir's head had once been.
That was fine with her.
She was already looking forward to it.
All McKayla Maroney knew about her next client was that he was deeply in love with her.
That wasn't unusual for her clients.
Her recent social media pictures had caused many men to confuse love with lust.
Thanks to a case of misunderstanding what the agency was telling her, she had no idea that, in the case of this client, it wasn't love so much as it was obsession.
The agency made it clear that they would be paying very close attention to the aftermath of their encounter and that, if she reported that he tried anything that harmed her, there would be hell to pay.
He immediately agreed to their terms.
McKayla got her e-mail and packed her now famous blue bikini, just as the client had asked.
Outside of that, she grabbed a 'normal' outfit she could wear until she got to the client's place.
It was a mercifully short trip to San Diego, where he lived.
McKayla had no clue just how memorable this client was gonna be.

 Post subject: Re: Pay To Play
PostPosted: Yesterday, 2:15 am 
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Note: Special thanks to Vile8r for editing and adding a few things to this chapter.

McKayla had to admit; she liked the look of her client.
Of course, most clients liked to keep themselves in shape, hoping they could impress their escort enough for them to want to come back.
In this case, her client was a handsome middle-aged man who appeared to be in nice shape with slightly graying hair.
"Hi, McKayla, it's nice to finally meet you." Michael Stevens said as he reached out and offered a handshake.
She immediately took him up on his offer.
"Thanks, Michael, it's nice to meet you as well,” she responded.
He led her inside and they made small talk as he took her on a small tour of his place.
She forced herself to listen as he rambled on about his different possessions, it was obvious that he was quite the smart investor.
"So, where's the bedroom?" she asked, as the tour came to an end.
"Well, first off, let's get you to the bathroom, so you can get into that bikini,” he said.
To his surprise, McKayla turned down his offer to find a bathroom and simply took her bag, got her bikini out, and began to change into it right in front of him.
Michael had no idea what to say to her as she stripped.
Instead he just stared at her like an idiot, drooling over her firm, toned athletic body.
McKayla liked having that effect on him.
"You know, it's been way too long since I got fucked hard,” she began.
She found that most of the time, guys liked when she talked like a porn star, no matter how corny it was.
"I bet you've got a huge dick,” she said, getting a smile from him.
He said nothing in response, instead he watched as her eyes moved down to the erection that was obviously pressing against his pants.
"That's all the confirmation I needed,” she said, with an amused eyebrow waggle.
Once she was completely naked, she took the opportunity to grab one of his hands and placed it near her pussy.
"I'm already wet,” she bragged. Michael took the unspoken offer up and felt her pussy and, sure enough, she was very wet.
Michael took a few moments to tease her with his fingers while she got the top on.
She let out a surprised yelp as his fingers entered her.
The surprise soon turned to satisfaction.
He had a short time before she had to put her bottoms on, but he wanted to make it count.
He moved his fingers back and forth as fast as he could.
She slowed, tying the top down to a crawl, she wanted to enjoy what he was doing.
It was clear he was gonna be a lot of fun.
After a few enjoyable moments, she finished the top and told him that it was time for the bottom.
Reluctantly, his fingers left her and she pulled the bottoms on, giving Michael an up- close look at something he'd waited for a long time.
She looked even better in that bikini in real life.
She slowly turned around, giving him ample time to stare at her perfect ass.
She had impressed him at every chance, but now, it was Michael’s turn to impress her.
He led her by the hand, opened the door to his room and offered her the chance to peek in.
She did just that.
She felt a wave of shock overtake her as she looked at her nudes laid out over the bed.
Nudes that had been leaked (or so people thought) during the infamous 'fappening'.
She had sent them to her handler with the intent of spreading them around amongst the agency's clients as a way of advertising her services.
In truth most Celeb "leaked" nudes were done for that reason. She got such a chuckle out of following websites like CelebrityStoryLibrary.com, one of the favorite sites she liked to follow, and reading how everyone was so excited about pics from celebrities being “hacked.”
Nothing hardly ever got “hacked.” Celebs, like McKayla, planned it, and let it happen with their blessing. Oh yes, they’d feign outrage and disgust about it, for the media’s satisfaction, but the truth was, most of the ‘fappening’ was a carefully calculated and planned career strategy.
It wasn't a surprise that she (and every other woman involved) soon saw a massive spike in clients.
"I've waited so long for this," he said, as he put his hands on her shoulders.
McKayla realized this thing could very well be on the verge of taking a turn for the worst.
Then he led her inside and showed her his closet.
It was a large walk-in closet.
Inside it, hidden away to the back, was a shrine to her, almost religious in the way it was set up
A small table with a few shelves, on one was a picture of her in a tight red T-shirt and panties that looked painted on, the shelf opposite that was the infamous shot of her disapproving look at the Olympics, and on the actual table rested a framed picture of her in the bikini she wore at that very moment.
"I hope you're ready for this,” he whispered in her ear.
McKayla also hoped she was ready for whatever he was about to throw at her.

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