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 Post subject: Sicko
PostPosted: August 2nd, 2016, 7:10 am 
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This story is based off my co-worker Victoria

Sicko: Chapter 1

Victoria wasn’t a normal girl, she had to act normal around her friends and co-workers to hide the truth from them. Sure she loved her kid to death and he meant the world to her but the story of how she had her kid was all a lie. She told everyone that one of her ex’s had knocked her up, which was the lie, the part that he left her was the only truth and she made up a sob story to go with it. Her ex was a dirt bag so no one would doubt her but the real truth was that she was raped by a stranger one night. She had a flat tire and couldn’t get the spare on and had no cell service. She saw a tow truck and waved him down.

He pulled over and was very polite in helping her put the tire on. When Victoria offered him money he refused but she insisted and when she went for her purse thats when the attack happened. Happened right there in her car with her bent inside it. He had hit her across the back of the head, yanked her ass hugging yoga pants around her ankles and drove his cock in and out of her with his big, hairy, sweaty body mashing against her skinny frame.

Even worse was that he wasn’t satisfied with just her pussy, he spread her ass cheeks and Victoria looked over her shoulder with tears in her eyes and pleaded with the man. “Please not there, not…” Victoria eyes bulge at the feeling of her asshole being pried open harshly and she screeched as his shaft tore in and out of her rectum. He continued the savage sodomizing and the violation of Victoria’s pussy for what seemed like hours for her until finally he ejaculated inside her balls into her womb.

The man then rolled the weeping Victoria onto the ground and looked at her in her bloodshot eyes. In his hand was his knife and lightly dragged along the sides of her face, making her shiver. He then pressed the tip against her bald pubic hairs and pressed down. Not enough to cause mass bleeding just a little bit so that it would cause slight bleeding and dragged a small line down.

“That is to remember me by and…” He pressed the shaft of the blade against Victoria’s labia’s. “…if you ever go to the cops or tell anyone I’ll know and I’ll find you. Then I’ll cut you into pieces, starting with your clitoris and then your pussy lips and work my way up.”

Victoria was so scared that she urinated all over the blade and the man chuckled. He pressed the blade against her lips.

“Now lick it clean.” Victoria obeyed and dragged her tongue slowly around the blade, shivering and then the man put away his blade and kicked Victoria hard in her side so that she would roll down the small ditch next to the car. He laughed as he took out his cock pissed all over Victoria’s face. “Have a safe trip home sweetie and watch out for strangers.”

Victoria struggled to pull up her underwear and pants up and then slowly crawled out of the ditch. The man had nothing to worry about, he had raped and beaten a not only a sex addict but a sex masochist too.


At this time Victoria was with her first crappy boyfriend and once she found she was pregnant with her rapist kid she was so excited. Her boyfriend didn’t take her pregnancy well and left Victoria. Her next crappy boyfriend was Josh and Victoria loved him for all the wrong reasons. At first everything was great, he was nice to her and treated her good but that’s not what Victoria wanted. So what did she do, she started pushing buttons until Josh started verbally abusing Victoria.

Every curse word, every version of slut or whore he called her only excited Victoria more and more. One night she had pushed the wrong button and he had back hand her hard, hard enough to knock to the floor. Her lip was cut and tasting her own blood turned Victoria on very much. That night she had masturbate to Josh slapping her over and over until she screamed with many intense orgasms.

The last thing he had done was the crown jewel and Victoria had worked hard for him to do this. She had purposely kept starting arguments in hopes that she could get Josh to rape, beat or do both to her but Josh was trying to restrain from doing any of that. It was making Victoria mad and on the night of their final relationship, Victoria had done the dirtiest thing she could, during one of their more intense arguments she kicked Josh square in his nuts. Not hard, she didn’t want to cripple him, only make him mad.

What happened next was Josh grabbing her hand so hard that he broke it. Hearing her bones snap made Victoria so moist that her screams weren’t of pain but pleasure, intense, burning pleasure that Victoria never experienced through intercourse.

After that night Victoria had to end it with Josh, everyone was getting to her but she knew Josh wouldn’t give up and since he lived three houses down from her, Victoria knew he would do something. She was right, Josh started stalking her to the point where he was using the GPS in her phone to follow all her movements. Knowing her ex was following her fueled Victoria’s nightly masturbation sessions. The texts he sent her were only making her orgasms more intense. Josh was saying things like calling her, ‘a dirty whore,’ ‘tramp and slut.’ They were great but the ones Victoria liked the most were the ones where Josh talked about how he wanted to kill Victoria.

Victoria gave everyone the short version, telling them he sent a text saying he would kill her. When actually he had sent multiple detailed texts about how he would slice her throat and leave her in a ditch. Another said how he wanted to beat her with a baseball bat and leave her to bleed out. These were a daily thing and Victoria only masturbated harder to each one.

Victoria woke up and stood before her wall mirror. She ran her hand over her thin piece of pubic hair with her fingertips lightly grazing over the scar. She looked at her phone, a new death threat from Josh.

Bitch, I will wrap rope around your neck and slowly choke you out until you could barely breath and then stop. Only so I could hang you from a tree and beat you until you choked to death.

Why was Josh so mad? Well before breaking up, Victoria had taken the nude pics she took of him, had them photoshopped so his dick was small and passed them around to girls Josh knew. Victoria hoped it would have been enough to make Josh do something but nope, only constant death threats. Victoria looked out her window at Josh’s house. ‘What are you waiting for chicken shit, do something already.’

Victoria stepped away from the mirror and walked over to the dresser. She slid up her legs a red lace thong and over it she buttoned up a pair of tight jeans. She threw on a matching bra followed my a black shirt and then ugg boots. She didn’t have work but tonight she was going to a group meeting, a group meeting for rape victims. Victoria wasn’t going for help no, she was going to see if she could talk and find out if these women’s rapists were dead, locked up or let go on flimsy evidence.

For the most part of the group, Victoria learned that indeed almost all of these women’s rapist were still roaming the streets and Victoria was very moist at thinking about what they could do to her. The one girl who spoke next talked about how her ex was very abusive in her relationship. She talked about how he was a big gym buff and would always use his size to take advantage of her, raping her. After the meeting, Victoria knew that’s who she wanted to rape her.


Victoria went to the gym and found him, how did she know that she found the right man? Well he was the tallest, had tree trunk arms and was slapping almost every girls ass that walked by him. Victoria had on a tiny pair of bike shorts and a sports bra. She made sure to work out around him so he could get a nice gander at what she had and Victoria was proud she still had a tight body after having a kid.

After working out, Victoria went to the locker room to shower and change. She left the gym and started walking home. She knew Ron, that was him, right behind her, again how did Victoria know this? Well she spent a week watching Ron and he would always follow any pretty girl who dared to walk home at night and then rape them when they were finally alone. Victoria never felt bad watching the women being raped, only excitement, an adeline rush of hormones that flooded her brain and her panties. Watching other women was giving Victoria intense orgasms that she had to bite her lip to contain.

Another thing Victoria noticed while watching Ron have his way with the women, he didn’t like them fighting. Every time one showed or put up any type of fight, he would get very angry and well make them stop fighting so he could rape their barely conscious body. So in Victoria’s pockets was a few things that she would use to poke the bear with.

Feeling Ron’s breath practically on her neck she turned around ready to take when Ron’s hulking hand gripped her wrist. In an instant a fist drove into her gut and she was flung against the concrete wall. ‘Ok it’s on but you ain’t gonna rape me that easily big fella.’ Victoria kicked Ron in his knees and he fell to one knee. Victoria stumbled to get away and no she wasn’t faking, she was really hurt. Before she could get far she was yanked by her hair and another cheap blow, this one to her kidneys and was flung into the trash can.

“Oh I’m gonna enjoy you very much.”

Victoria looked at Ron, ‘Well you’re gonna have to work for your food.’ Victoria spoke in her head as she took a piece of wood and drove it into his gut before pepper spraying him in the face and kicking him in the balls. Like Josh, she wasn’t trying to prevent him from stopping but it was like the kick, the wood and the mace did nothing to give Victoria enough time to do anything. Ron grab her hand, the one that was broken and squeezed hard. Victoria whimpered and fell to her knees.

Ron threw Victoria back first into the brick wall and wrapped his hands around her neck. “I’m gonna make her pay for the that.” He lifted Victoria up and slammed her to the ground. He stood over her and punched her once in the face. He ripped open her zipper hoodie and then ripped her black tank top in half. “This cold have been simple.” He grab her sweats and yanked them down. “Could have just lied on this ground and taken it.”

Victoria looked around and saw the taser. ‘No, I need more.’ Victoria reached for the instrument that was out reach and finally gripped it and dove the prongs into Ron’s side. He stumbled back and Victoria rolled onto her stomach and crawled away.

Ron recovered quickly and picked up the taser and drove the prongs in her neck. He didn’t stop until Victoria was lying on the cold ground and he tossed the taser to the side. He ripped off Victoria’s white, bikini, cotton panties and slapped her ass cheeks. “I was gonna rape your pussy but after what you put me through…” Ron spreads Victoria’s ass cheeks and stared at her asshole. “…now I’m gonna sodomize you.”

Victoria never touched her butt since the night she was first sodomized and that was almost two years ago and so as Ron’s cock violated her asshole, it hurt almost as much as that night and once he started thrusting, Victoria was whimpering and enduring one hell of an orgasm. Ron was one of the few that could last long, he raped her ass for twenty minutes and he dumped his cum in her bowels.

Ron eased out his cock and wiped it clean using Victoria’s hair and rolled her onto her back. “If you come by the gym again, now you know who owns it.” He spits on her face and walked away.

Victoria used the wall to pull her crumbling body up but then WHACK!! The piece of the wood splintered off her back she fell to the floor and Ron stood over her. He emptied the spray bottle in her eyes and then threw the bottle off to the side.

“Now I’m done.”

Victoria laid on the ground, each breath hurt, her eyes felt like they were melting and her ass felt like it was on fire. It took her some time to pull her sweats up and then she zipped her hoodie. She lifted the hood over her head and kept it down as she limped back to her car. Her son was at her parents house for the weekend and so Victoria had the house to herself. When she walked into the bathroom she stripped naked and sat on her couch.

Victoria knew she would need medical attention but couldn’t go to a hospital so what could she do? Then she remembered her one co-worker, Luke. Luke had a crush on Victoria, she knew it but what she remembered most about Luke was that he talked about how he spent a year at nursing school. So she took out her phone, that was now smashed and was barely able to text Luke her address and she needed his medical training ASAP.

Ten minutes later there was a knock at her door and she mumbled, “It’s open.”

Luke peeked his head in and looked around, “Victoria?”


Luke walked in, closed the door and walked to the source of the weak voice. “My God Victoria, what the hell happened?”

“Don’t worry, can you fix me up?”

“Well I’ll know more, let me get you to the bedroom so I can examine you.” Luke helped Victoria to her bed and laid her down. He went over her body and checked her eyes. “Well you got two broken ribs, a concussion, slight burns on your neck and your lucky that whatever struck your back didn't dislocate any vertebrates.”

“So I’ll walk?” She asked chuckling.

Luke finished wrapping Victoria’s mid-section. “Yeah but I suggest you take a few days off work. Were you…”

Victoria stopped Luke from saying raped. “Look, if I need you again, will you come?”

“Uh…I…I guess yeah…I will.”

“Great, now could you let me rest?”

“Um…just let me get you an ice bath, you’ll feel better after sleeping in it.”


As Luke walked away, through her weak state and using her non swollen eye she noticed Luke’s bulge.

 Post subject: Re: Sicko
PostPosted: August 21st, 2016, 4:15 pm 
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This is a very exciting story. Very messed up girl though. Would and will cause no end of trouble for any men around her.

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